Cabergoline Raises DHT


From reading on here i thought cabergoline only reduced prolactin, but it also seems to raise DHT.


Do you think that the increased DHT is simply a bi-product of increased Testosterone though?

Although Testosterone only increased by about a third but DHT increased nearly three fold.


Maybe enzyme activity was increased.


I was reading around and it looks like hyperprolactinema (too much prolactin) can create hypogonadism symptoms. Please forgive my research if it is not good enough. I’m not an expert in this area at all. … N=symptoms … actin.html

Once they removed the hyperprolactinema testosterone and DHT came up and the HPTA came back online. … ct/52/1/91

Weird idea…could it be possible that Fin caused estrogen to rise, the higher estrogen made more prolactin, prolactin suppressed dopamine, higher prolactin messed with thyroid hormones ( I believe I read somewhere that hyperprolactinema can mess with thyroid hormones), higher prolactin created our simulated hypogonadal state? Could a possible cure be control estrogen (Arimidex, clomid, Femara) and then control prolactin (Cabergoline)? Then T and DHT will rise and the HPTA will come back online in 8-13 weeks?

I say this because this weekend I tired Hydergine, which raises dopamine, and I was like WOW I feel great. I have clearer thinking, some libido (big improvement from ZERO libido - we all have been there), the boys are big (pre-fin size) and the shaft is back to normal size (pre-fin size). I don’t have pre-fin libido, but perhaps over time that too will get better. I have some Cabergoline on the way and I’m going to try it. Maybe .5 or .25mg twice a week. I think if we can get dopamine back on top, it will suppress prolactin, T and DHT will raise (as golf’s research shows), then HPTA will come back online…all I know…is I’m feeling really good just from taking one dose of hydergine while controlling estrogen (Arimidex). Could be something to look at but I’m going to try Cabergoline. Too much is making sense not to try it, just the thought alone that it can increase T and DHT is worth it, and it can bring the HPTA back online…all the better.


I also found this too

•Men typically present with complaints of sexual dysfunction, visual problems, or headache and are subsequently diagnosed with hyperprolactinemia in the evaluation process. Prolactin suppresses GnRH, causing a decrease in luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, ultimately leading to decreased serum testosterone levels and hypogonadism. Prolactinoma in men also may cause neurological symptoms, particularly visual-field defects.


This is very interesting. I might actually go to see an endocrinologist again if this is something widely acknowledged as a severe problem (albeit the symptoms are not easy to observe). Has ANYONE had luck finding an endo that would suggest a treatment for it?


That guy Onni had very high prolactin numbers when he came off and had visual problems.


tbone - you can by cabergoline easily online if so inclined.


Hello this is very interesting! I have very high prolaction and my endo has make me check my prolatin again. Checking the Macroprolactin and also doing the proceedment there “right way”: Stress can cause prolactin to raise so if you are afraid of the needle the nurse should introduce the needle wait for 30 min and then take the blood.

Im very interested in seen the results and I will buy carboligne in case prolactin in still high!

My dopamine blood levels have been on the roof for a year: 11ng/dl of a range of 10-110ng/dl


PD: Did someone tried it??


Any news here? I’m inclined to try it.


Yeah, same here. Has anyone tried Proviron or Arimidex/Cabergoline combo for PFS symptoms here? Any recoveries from this?


My prolactin was between 17 and 22 over 6 months so my endo put me on Caber. Been taking for 3 months and haven’t noticed anything unfortunately.


Proviron did nothing for me libido wise. I thought I’d be a sex machine after reading about the stuff, haha.

At best after a week of 100mg a day I was shorter tempered and got a few pimples on my back that may or may not be related. That was it though, nothing libido wise.