Buy testosterone online


Guys do you know where i can order testoviron 250 mg online? I bought it a couple of times in 2013 and 2016 from a website that doesn’t exist anymore and the contact i used to send emails to doesn’t answer back, i think he stopped. I had quite good immediate results for libido with testoviron 250 plus hcg, so i use it every now and then (a couple of times per year). So do you know any safe website or contact that sells testoviron?




Im curious, do you have a aromatase inhibitor just in case?


i’ve done testoviron plus hcg both with and without aromatase inhibitors, i didn’t find any substancial differences. Anyway it’s something i use quite rarely, when i want an immediate but short (in time) boost in libido.


Did you see improvements? What were they? Sustainable or not? Test. treatment seems scary for me.


i told u, i use it for short periods when i want to have a very high libido, i do a syringe of testoviron and 2 of hcg 2000, one per week, it gives me very high libido, morning erections etc. it’s just something i do for “special occasions”, a couple of times a year.


lots of testosterone online is fake I woldnt bother with using exogenous T unless from a doctor (pharmacy)