Bupropion/Wellbutrin and sex drive: my experience

I have been away for few months and I am going to update you on two things (in two different posts).
The remaining symptoms are sexual for now. GENITAL NUMBNESS & LOW LIBIDO. pretty much that’s almost all.

I started Wellbutrin around early September. I started 150 mg for 2 weeks, then, because I was very depressed (GF left me) my shrink approved upping it to 300mg/day.

One day, around the 3 week mark, just when the drug is supposed to kick in, I woke up incredibly horny, and I masturbated, hear me out, FOUR TIMES almost CONSECUTIVELY. That has never happened since I was 13 maybe, if ever. Of course this did not stick, that was just one day, but now that I have been almost 3 months on it I can say:

Pre Wellbutrin: My libido was 1-2 over 10, with an average of 1.5 I would say.
On Wellbutrin: My libido is between 2-5 over 10 with an average of 3 I would say.

The days when my libido is 3 I can have sex with the help of Cialis… but the ideal conditions have to be met: old and patient partner, no condom, cialis, …

I also noticed that the higher the libido the longer I last.

Anyway I wish I started Wellbutrin before I am sure it would have saved my relation, which now is tormenting me every day, and it is very hard to meet a new girl who would be understanding that 2 days out of three I am not really interested in sex, and some days not at all.

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Could you give us an update on your experience with wellbutrin?

@numbduck Any updates on wellbutrin and/or your status?


concerta and medikinet gave me a little orgasm. But erection was more difficult and genital sensitivity was lower. the vascular contraction of an stimulant, perhaps. Assuming that what I know is correct, wellbutrin may have different results because it has different receptors.

Concerta and Medikinet are both brands for methylphenidate (also known as Ritalin).

It turns out that methylphenidate and Wellbutrin / bupropion have the same general mechanism: both are norephinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitors. Still, there could still be differences in the way they work.

Concerta: http://www.janssenlabels.com/package-insert/product-monograph/prescribing-information/CONCERTA-pi.pdf
Bupropion: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC514842/

Yes, bupropion is usually prescribed for anti-smoking treatment. But a Korean I know said it didn’t work…How about cabergoline? Some people at this forum said even cabergoline was have no effect. Still, I have high hopes for cabergoline

I was on Wellbutrin for over a year. Barely helped with libido. I noticed myself checking out girls maybe 25% more. That’s about it

How about depression, mood and Cognitive?

My depression was reduced but I can’t tell if it was from Wellbutrin or doing strong lift 5x5. I started both around the same time. Cognition is still messed up to some degree

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Wellbutrin did nothing for my libido and made my cognition worse because it is anti-cholinergic. Every pill has been tried at this point.