I have read some good things about this drug for sexuality.

Anyone care to try it?

Anyone take this before?

I took it for 4-5 years in the 00’s after reading on bro forums about its purported effect of enabling multiple consecutive orgasms in men; something PAS took from me. I also had slightly elevated prolactin at one time, so thought it would help. By the time I started taking it, prolactin was mid range though.

It seemed to be effective as a band-aid to slightly increase libido, reduce refractory time, and prevent/reduce the ghastliest of mental side-effects, like severe depression and an almost painful emotion I often feel that’s similar to the “nails across chalkboard” sensation.

The cons are that it began to induce auditory hallucinations at the full 2.5 mg dose (I would experience periods of “hearing” loud bangs, like gunshots, usually followed by tinnitus for a few minutes), dull headaches and nausea for a few hours after dosing, and I felt it may have been making fatigue worse. I read about the potential for dopamine agonists to cause heart-valve problems and decided to stop taking it, considering the other side effects I was experiencing. I tried taking it again in 2011 and 2013 and it appears to have lost any benefit for me. There is a definite withdrawal effect with this drug.

It also doesn’t seem to be a popular treatment among those who have tried it with PFS.

interesting, thanks for that information. that is a little scary on the noises.

just to give some background, i was curious if the anti serotonin effects of it made any difference to people or improved digestion. i see low dopamine as being a large issue if not the main issue, i think high sertonin would lower dopamine so i was curious how people reacted around here.

I’m also someone who thinks it’s a dopamine problem. I had a galactorrhea induced by finasteride, so the evidence for prolactin elevation was clear. If I know properly, dopamine inhibits prolactin.

i’m think it is the other way around, prolactin lowers dopamine. have you checked your vitamin D level? vitamin D allows for proper absorption of calcium and a level of 50 to 60 will lower parathyroid hormone, which traditionally goes up with prolactin.

Sorry you’re right. The translator reversed the meaning lol

My vitamin D level was 30.

FYI, bromicriptine acts as a dopamine receptor agonist (“pro-dopamine” effects) at the pituitary gland.

It decreases prolactin by increasing dopaminergic activity in that brain region. It has been used to treat high prolactin in those withdrawing from excessive long-term cocaine abuse, for instance.

Your explanation is consistent with what I know. Previously, my methylphenidate experience only increased libido and orgasm a little, for a while. So I hope to try bromocriptine or carvergoline. I am looking forward to dopamine agonist mechanism of action.

Of course, I also saw many disappointing reviews. Nevertheless, I would like to try … but I can’t get it legally here. so sad…

That’s surprising. Bromocriptine is one of the most dependable and time-tested treatments for prolactinoma.

You can’t even get a doctor to prescribe it?

Ah, dubya that was my great mistake. I was ignorant at the time of 2017 when I had galactorrhea. I then visited both urology and breast surgery and was told to stop finasteride for a while. The doctors were very embarrassed. I followed their opinion and after about 10 days the galactorrhea gradually stopped secreting its secretion. After that I foolishly climbed fina again. I was really ignorant at the time, I wasn’t sure of myself, and I was a slave to the fear of hair loss …

At that time, I had to demand a strong blood test. This is because the current prolactin levels are normal. There is no evidence at this time. The doctor remembers that I had galactorrheaHowever, the medical law was revised last year
Changes were made to prescribe dopamine agonists only with clear evidence. So he told me it was impossible.

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That’s crazy the law there on off-label prescribing is so strict. There might be a withdrawal effect, but DA’s aren’t considered addictive and don’t induce euphoria like an opiate.

If it makes you feel better, the benefits appear to be minimal at best as a band-aid for PFS symptoms.

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I totally agree with you. I can’t get a single pill prescribed. The medical law is too tight.There is a dark route for medicine, but I don’t want to touch it…For now, I would be very encouraged if I could feel a little better…

It’s such a frustrating reality.Thank you for listening to my story. Dubya

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do you take vitamin D or have had success with raising it? can you try to raise it to 50 or 60? i always seem to have issues with supplementing it, it interacts badly in my gut, and when i use it externally many times it doesn’t go up. also, if i use too much, like 5k+, i sometimes experience negative effects, although im not 100% sure, so I try to use low doses. it absolutely should be between 50 to 60 for optimal health, i would say that is a problem if it is not.

I’ve tried 2000IU for a long time, but I haven’t felt any change. Maybe UV rays are better than supplements.