Broad PFS symptoms Loss of sensitivity, Blurred eye sight,Low Libido, Brain Fog. Really PFS or Some other Disorder?


Hello Brothers,

Until i regestered here it thought i was imagining some of the pfs symptoms like all body reduced sensivity. I found so many people are also experiencing this.
Also i have weird eye sight problems which i got extremely blurred vision on my eyes in periods of 2 years for several weeks in my last cycle i got hypotoni low eye pressure and severe floaters increase. My first pfs symptom is lowered libido then ed happened years later and it became gradually worse in 5 years.
3 years ago I had a break down which i blamed yohimbine but in fact, i think it was a pfs crash i come to this conclusion after i read some posts here.
3 years ago i wanted to give a shot extenze pills i used them for one week my body smell was changed like i am having adolescences my libido went crazy high like my high school years though no improvements on ed. And one night i got crushed doctors thought it was a because of yohimbine i got constant panic attacks for two weeks my dick completely died got no ejuculations i had extreme pains on al over my body after two weeks of torture they prescribed me Ativan it killed all the pain instantly also in sereval weeks my dick revived to pfs level with mild ed. All of this made me think that my problem is neurological. In last years i got huge improvements with updated regimen of methylphenidate 20 methylfolate 10 mg 1g niacin 2g epa fishoil and dumbly i tried to stop methylphenidate and reduce niacin and fishoil by half.
At 5th day i had a huge crush my libido went down to absolute zero plus with lack of pleasure short term memory holes and negative thoughts, though my energy level was fine. I call my doctor he told me to immediately retuned to old regimen.
I am recovering psychological problems dissolved in there days and libido is increasing again.
Broadly i have unexceptionally high and positive mood in my first 4 years of pfs then after my first crush i have low mood highly responsive to dopaminergic antidepressants.
The main ed problems are when i become hard there is very low sensitivities around shaft and head. Sometimes i got ass pain after ejaculation especially after long refractory periods.
Also i had extreme ibs diarrhoea for two years it started 6 months after my first crash and dissolved by it self 6 months ago. I blamed psychiatric medications but now i am not so sure.

I have above normal blood sugar levels while fasting but it is not in diabetes range i suspected diabetic neuropathy for sensivity loss took advanced test nothing found i was in perfect shape in blood glucose regulations. I also hoped that my eye problems may be linked to it but it seems not.
All of these similar problems made me think about are these really pfs or all of us affected by some other condition are yet to be diagnosed and blaming pfs like nocebo or placebo effect.

All off my blood hormone levels checked except DHT all were in normal ranges
Except my extremely high testosterone on several tests %30 above normal range and in some at the highest limit.
1300ng/dL 780ng/dL
I do not remember estradiol but it was in normal ranges close to highend but did not exceed limits.


That is quite amazing, but ativan is just a benzo, I imagine others have tried it before.
How long did you take finasteride and when did you stop?
Was your erectile dysfunction very bad before taking ativan?


I have to add also they gave me Effexor too but it started to work after 2 weeks eventually if I use cialis Effexor and Ativan at same time I can maintain erection up to 3 hours but unable to cum… also sensitivity almost none existent doc changed it with trintallix with that I was able to cum. Then they add dopaminergic antidepressants that increased my libido to levels like my first crash. Then we added 1g niacin 10mg methylfolate 2 g fish oil. With that combo I was able to get hard only with thinking after 4 years.