Brigham/Harvard Study Publication Date

The study should be published in about 12 months as they have secured all participants. This is according to Allen Papazian, who coordinates the participants … and assuming that there are not any set backs.

Great news moonman1.

Let’s hope they’re looking for the right thing and find it.

And then let’s have a treatment asap.

Thanks for the update moonman1, that is brilliant news. Thanks loads to everyone involved - obviously to the Foundation and to the people who have worked tirelessly on our behalf (often with little thanks), and also to everyone who participated. I think that these studies will lay the path for future treatments.

Thanks for the update. Do you know how many people took part in the study ?

“In about 12 months” sounds too much.

Hey we have to be grateful they’re happening at all.

Was this study not due to be released in the first half of 2015 ?

[i]Hi Moonman1,

The study was created to have three study groups:

  • The first group being men who have used Finasteride, discontinued its use, and still have residual side effects
  • The second group being men who have used Finasteride, discontinued its use, but do not have side effects
  • The third group just being healthy men who have never used Finasteride before

In total, the recruitment for this study is 61 patients (25 patients in group 1, 18 patients in group 2, and 18 patients in group 3). It’s tough to answer your second question as this study looks at many factors and being that PFS is still being formed and a lot is unknown about it, we are hoping to find factors that we are not even looking for to give us some explanation as to how these symptoms arise. As you know, PFS has a wide range of symptoms involved. This study is primarily looking at the sexual functioning side effects caused by PFS. However, we are also looking at cognitive functioning, brain fog, mood, depression, strength, and energy as well.[/i]

Why are sexual problems their priority? This condition is some sort of endocrine failure. Not a single ed. And researchers know other symptoms as well. You CAN’T fix this condition with fixing your penis. No chance. NOBODY HAS COMMITED SUICIDE DUE TO THEIR DICKS. FUCK THIS SHIT.

Because there’s very few of us who -dont- have sexual problems. Find the cause of the sexual sides and we find the cause of all of them. I know you’re in a bad place depressedguy but this is a big problem and sexual sides are something we all have in common, therefore, they’re the best place to start.

Thanks for the update. This is goods news.

Where can i find the brigham fmri study? The link on pfs foundation is dead, and i cant find it anywhere

Right bro are you from India