Breezula or CB-03-01 is a new potential danger?


I just saw that a lot of people are hopping onto the Breezula bandwagon for hairloss, but it’s also an anti androgen.

The studies they did show it’s completely safe. How would it not give side effects if it’s an anti androgen?

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I remember reading about it when i was trying RU. It was more expensive but marketed by people on the hairloss forum as safer. If I remember correctly doesn’t it block DHT from binding at the receptor in hair follicles? Not stop production of DHT. Regardless, I don’t see how it couldn’t go systemic and block androgens at other receptors in the body

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@Dubya_B thoughts?


Presumably, it would be. If people have trouble with monoxidil, there’s no reason to think another topical would be much safer.

Breezula was stated as having an equivalent anti-androgen as cyproterone acetate (aka Diane-35), a drug used as progestational birth control and male chemical castration.

The manufacturers must realize people are somewhat wary of anti-androgens now:

In rats, the drug has been found to possess strong local antiandrogen activity, but negligible systemic antiandrogen activity when administered via subcutaneous injection.

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