Breathing HARD!

Does anyone have trouble breathing?
It’s like I can’t complete my breath.

How are you doing now?

Have you done a COVID test recently?

If the breathing trouble isn’t constant it might also be part of a panic attack / hyperventilation.

If your breathing problems are ongoing and severe, please contact your doctor as soon as possible.

As far as I know this is not a symptom associated with PFS.


@Axlotl and I discussed this long ago. I described it as feeling as if I was beginning to suffocate, even though I was taking in breaths. Can’t remember how he described it, but he did mention something off about his breathing when he crashed.

Yeah, consider a Covid test regardless, just in case.

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Ah, I hadn’t ever heard about breathing issues during a crash. Not familiar with it myself. Sorry if I jumped to conclusions.

No need for apologies. I didn’t think it was potentially related either seeing others discussing the same:

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Any idea what could be causing it ?

I think that because it affects the heart, it makes it more difficult for us to breathe. I will try to do a ferritin test to see if everything is ok

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No clue why this happens. IIRC, androgens stimulate red cell production and low T is associated with hypoxia. Just had a conversation with someone who stopped TRT due to concerns about potential for blood thickening/clotting.

Could very well be high CO2 or an aspect of this condition that effects the central nervous system in a way that makes it feel as if you are lacking oxygen. My numbers were fine when I was experiencing this, including ferritin and transferritin. No harm in testing though.

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