Breakthrough : Striking similarities between PFS and Autism

I was watching a drama on TV and the issue of the “fever effect” in autism was introduced. This seems to be a genuine phenomenon and has been the subject of research. … d=16956039

What attracted me to this was something I vaguely heard recently about possible effects of virus during pregnancy and possibly implicating microglia in autism. I wonder if anyone else saw or heard this.

Also antibiotics have helped many members here so i did some digging

Bingo! I found a paper published in 2000 that documented a clinical trial at Chicago Rush Children’s Hospital where 8 out 10 young children with severe autism experienced marked improvements in their autism when they were given a powerful antibiotic called vancomycin.

And if you think that’s all, i found studies showing BROCCOLI extract improved autism. Results of a small clinical trial suggest that a supplement derived from broccoli sprouts can ease the core symptoms of autism in some people with the disorder.

What’s when MORE interesting is that 100% of PFS guys that have tested have poor methylation genetics just like autistic children.

And if you thought that’s all, we have 3 people improving on GcMAF cream… and thus is used for autistic children with good results

Now don’t get me wrong here, we don’t have autism but the complex mechanism of action behind PFS might be very similar

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Looks like similar situation for those crashing on gardasil.

I agree with the similarities

I used broccoli sprout extract and it gave me horrible brain fog for 2-3 days after one dose. Jus sayin

Word - I’m so messed up nothing really changes for me. I live in constant brain fog (vision issues/perceptual shift), but I can eat anything without result - positive or negative. I’ve tried most things suggested here. So only positive is that I’m not sensitive

I have pfs symptoms, and I have been diagnosed with autism. When it comes to methylation, I took a high dose of SAM-e for years before taking Saw Palmetto. I wonder if that may have played a role in being susceptible to pfs symptoms.


My brother has autism. Obviously I was genetically predisposed to PFS.

What makes you believe so? You don’t think could be a coincidence?

Interesting - I wonder if a number of us with PFS cognitive symptoms would give a false positive to an autism test

I don’t think PFS is similar to autism. People with autism are actually highly sensitive while many of us PFS victims have severe loss of emotions (good or bad).

What is remarkable though is many of us, before we got PFS, were actually high striving, highly intelligent individuals. Many of us were perfectionists, and highly sensitive. Many of us seem to have had some serious passions and talents in which we tried to become the best. In my observation more so than the “average” individuals.
Maybe many of us were actually somewhere on the (mild) autism spectrum, even though most of us seem to have good social skills also.