Brain pressure burning

Hey, this is concerning me at this point I have this really intense head pressure, it literally feels like parts of my brain are burning and hurts even more if I touch that side of my head were the pain is located. There is something seriously going wrong in my brain boys I’m in intense pain

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You should look into getting an MRI scan just to rule out a tumour,

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I had one at the start of this Mark but honestly there’s definitely something going on inside my brain the pain and pressure is so intense it’s unreal

This sound like brain fog. It can be intense enough to be associated with pain. It is a common symptom.

I had brain fog for months @Sibelio but it’s actually the only thing that’s clearing up. This is a strong intense burning in parts of my brain the pain is really intense man. It’s not like a normal headache or anything but actual burning inside parts of the brain if I touch that side of the head it gets much worse.

I had that a few years ago and was taken to hospital at the same time my BP was abnormal. Had a brain scan and nothing was found. Took two weeks of rest to settle I discovered it was due to krill oil

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I believe it due to cerebospinal fluids being altered in PFS…Plus brain inflammation which has already been proven in pfs patients can cause all these symptoms.

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Well I guess I’m fucked altogether then @holyhead

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Increase in ICP / CSF (intracranial pressure / cerebral spinal fluid)
Brain inflammation
Altered neurosteroid synthesis and utilization - GABA predominately
Hormonal imbalance / receptor utilization

All the above can cause this or contribute to it.

Do you have any vision issues?

This got better for me after about a year. I know the feeling you describe all too well. I would feel a pressure swell up in my sinuses and eyes so bad I couldn’t sleep. The. Just a dull pressure all day long.

Yes man I have a bunch of floaters and find it hard to stare long distance. This pain is incredibly intense I’m not joking it’s really unbelievable. Is there anyway that I can get the following diagnosed or checked?

Accutane has such a “rare” side effect. Probably doesn’t apply to pfs…

Yes. You can get a LP (lumbar puncture). Typically a neurologist would order it and they would look at a reading called opening pressure. They would then be able to tell if the ICP was high and I’m sure would run other standard tests applicable to you as well. I would talk to your primary doctor or neurologist directly or if it’s beyond extreme, you would go to the emergency room.


Okay Johnny thank you for replying. I’m going to get this checked ASAP excruciating isn’t the word.

Had this for 4 months constantly and it’s recently passed, felt like my entire brain was inflamed, sometimes i’d get this numbing sensation as if got a local anaesthetic in my forehead, a long with feeling like i’ve got a door literally physically pressing up against my temples, lmao. Pretty sure it’ll clear up eventually, think a lot of PFS sufferers experiences it.

Overactive microglia causes neuroinflamation, i dont know if it is related. I very sorry D:

Head Pressure and dizzyness were my biggest issues. The dizzyness went away after about 6 months. The head pressure is probably 80% resolved. I still get it either in my sinus area or just above the tops of my ears like my head is in a vice. I agree it has to be GABA related because GABA agonists seem to help… ie (Klonopin, Booze, Valerian, etc… )

Not sure if this helps. Maybe look at increasing blood supply to the brain. Acupuncture and supplements can help. When I took Gingko my head burning went away for 3 hours but read the warnings on here about Gingko before you consider trying it.