Brain fog make me just like a child

friends,I batter with PFS since 2021.7.22,know,I have ED and brain fog,I know people recover from brain fog more easier,but I worry about it.know I just like a farmer in my home.don’t like a student who accept 16years I need you share me your advice and your story.thank you.

Cortef helps my brainfog immensely.

You’re in the very early days of PFS, and most of the patient record on this site shows that cognitive problems are at their worst in the first 6-12 months. I remember the first 3 months I would regularly wake up not knowing who I was, where I was, or what day it was. I struggled enormously with my speech and my short-term memory was almost non-existent. I had to stop driving because I would regularly forget where I parked my car, or get lost driving on the way home on regular routes.

These days, I help run this forum and PFS Network, and for 3.5 years I was a senior manager at one of Australia’s top startups. The cognitive problems remain to a degree and I still have very bad days sometimes, but natural improvement comes with time.

Even extremely severe cases like axolotl have made natural improvement over time. He has become very knowledgeable in epigenetics and molecular biology, completed online courses in neurotransmission and genomics online, wrote a literature review on PFS, re-built this forum and regularly has conversations with top scientists from around the world.

Hang in there man. It’s likely the cognitive problems will start to ease in the next few months.