Brain fog kill my life

When will brainfog get better? Damn it.
It’s been ten years.
Is there a cure?

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Improve adrenals

“Improve adrenals”

You might as well have typed “get better” or “be healthy” for all the use that statement is.


carnivore/keto plus pankreatic enzymes that cured mine brain fog and pressure in the skull

hate brain fog too…

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Which brand of enzymes? Thx

i bought some in drug store, they had 80 000-110 000 of pancreatin, and 10 000ph of lipaze, 7500 ph of amilaze and 375 of proteaze…per pill, recomended 2-4 pills per meal…with more famous brands you cant do wrong…it was this brand but i didnt buy it over ebey as i sad.

It’s terrible enough to want to cut out my brain.