Brain fog and breathing techniques(Pranayama)


I have been suffering from PFS for a year. Last month, due to very stressful work, brain fog had gone up to the point that I considered suicide many times. Fortunately, I bumped into an article that introduced me to pranayama. Had been practicing it religiously and can say I am out of suicidal thoughts and feeling hell a lot of better. I could see results in 2-3 days. Also, I could get hard today after a long period of time. So, thought I would share my experience and see if it helps you guys too.

Lots of love.


Nobody is even ready to try this? All you want is immediate results by taking chemical and make things more worse?

I am feeling far better. I m seeing a considerate improvement in my sexual sides. Feeling so thankful. Ah! I can “feel” atlast.

Guys, pls give this a try. Just eager to know if it works for anyone… atleast one.

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Yes bro…i do pranayama since 15 days. It’s the greatest way to heal mental and physical imbalances. Doing pranayama along with some yoga poses in early morning and at evening is awesome. I feel good mentally than a month ago.

That’s really good to hear. Any improvement on sexual sides?

I don’t have sexual sides, my sides are physical.