Brain Activity During Orgasm Measured by MRI

i found this story about a woman who had an orgasm in an MRI. I contacted doctor Barry Komisaruk, asking him if maybe i could give it a try seeing as how i have no sensation in orgasm. I am curious if anything would show up on the MRI. He replied back pretty interested, but he is located in New Jersey and i would have to save up money to see him.

Thats great news voice! Reply back and tell him many others are intersted in his study. There are many members here from the East Coast U.S. I’m sure some would be willing to be subjects of his. I already emailed him and told him I’d be intersted.

Well he only emailed me once it is hard to get him to respond, like most problems doctors will not have an interest unless there are multiple people involved. I should also mention he is a psychologist he might think this problem is in are heads not that all psychologist think that way. I do think this MRI could help us out for legal reasons i mean he is the only one i found that has conducted an experiment like this, and when the woman in the experiment had an orgasm in the MRI her brain lit up all over the place, now if people with ejaculatory anhedonia try this i am very curious to see the results and it could give us a lot of insight on are problem. So i think who ever has a problem with there orgasms should email this doctor, and see maybe if we can get him a little more interested in are problem.

here is his email

Did anyone get the MRI?

I had an MRI, and it didn’t find anything unusual

The orgasm is gone and the mri didn’t see that in comparison

They wouldn’t give me a shot with it

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