Bought propecia, considering starting to take it


Hello all.

I have been balding since septemeber 2018 and it is quite clear to me I am inevitably going to lose all my hair if I don’t start taking Finasteride. Yes, I was recommended this drug by my dermatologist . She told me that there are possible side effects such as losing libido or erectile disfunction. However, she didn’t mention at all that all those side effects may remain even after discontinuing the medication. Well, and that’s why I am asking here. Is it worth starting to take this drug? I would do so only in order to stay attractive for women. I’ve got a big head so I am not really sure if I am ever really going to have a woman after I get (almost) completely bald. That’s my main concern. On the other hand, I am telling myself what’s the point of taking Finasteride to prevent my hair from dropping whereas I may completely destroy my sex life. To me , the hair loss is causing psychological issues - not feeling comfortably, constantly counting number of hairs falling each day etc. Thanks to this forum I have noticed some horrible stories of people who have used this drug which destroyed their life.

Is here someone who has positive experience taking it or should I really avoid it? Or maybe…has anyone managed to completely get off of its side effects after some while? The fear of not being able to get girls after balding is terrifying.

Thank you very much. I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but I am from the Czech Republic and here, Finasteride is officially used to cure prostate only.



Dude i can tell u one thing and one thing only: DON’T DO IT


Honestly, I wouldn’t. It’s not just the sexual sides you should be concerned about, it’s also the mental ones, and finasteride even if it doesn’t lead to PFS can cause tons of issues with neurosteroids (chemicals in your brain that promote feelings of relaxation, wellbeing, etc.) I was concerned about losing my hair, and I wish I didn’t give a fuck and just buzzed it. I could go on and on about why you shouldn’t take it and how horrible it can make your life, but at the end it just comes down to whether you believe this or not. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, as my own dad who’s a doctor largely didn’t believe me for the good part of two years, although not even offering a real alternative explanation for what was going on, but after all this time and some outside intervention he’s beginning to consider the possibility. It’s that unfathomable and if you have the disease you are at the mercy of your genetics and God, no one can help you at this point in time. It’s just not worth it.

tl; dr: I only have 2 real regrets in my life, and one of them is finasteride.

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This might give you some perspective. If you think you care about your hair falling out, just imagine how you’d react to your dick changing size and shape. Or your entire world looking like you’re having a bad trip. These are both possibilities with taking Finasteride, albeit small ones.

I remember being encouraged to take it after reading a post from a man on reddit dismissing complaints from PFS patients saying “if a man lost even 1cm off his penis from this drug and reported it, the whole medical community would take notice”. Well, even if they do, which they very very rarely do and only with severe changes, they don’t have an explanation or treatment for you at this time.


This isn’t a forum for those on the fence about taking one of the drugs that have affected the lives of the unlucky minority horribly and irreparably. This is clearly stated in the Community Guidelines.

The only answer you will find here is a resounding “NO!” and it is actually quite insulting that anyone could read about what happened to us and still ask a question like this. Please see the Member Story category if you would like to know how bad it could possibly get.

This topic will be locked and your account silenced for 3 months. If you decide to gamble with your health and get burnt by persistent side effects, then you may join the conversation here.

You don’t know terrifying until you can get a girl and find yourself impotent. And this is considered a mild issue by some of the very unlucky among us.
My advice would be to improve other aspects of your physique or personality and forget finasteride exists.

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