Books for Coping


Beat Depression and Anxiety by Changing Your Brain - Debbie Hampton.

The book is about one persons recovery from a severe brain injury. It’s light reading with plenty of references that provides guidance on how to improve your brain health which in turn will help most people here to cope with PFS or to improve their overall mental health. The author also has a website which includes up to date methods for brain health and provides an overview of how it all fits together. You can start putting a lot of the recommendations in place very quickly.


Anything about practicing Stoicism.


I’m not familiar with Stoicism if there’s any reading material worth recommending feel free.


@ac3c Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Get the “New translation” version so that the English is more modern and easier to read. There are free PDFs all over the internet.

It’s basically Aurelius’ diary or meditations while he was the emperor of Rome. It’s like a bible on how to guide your thoughts and behaviors. It’s extremely practical philosophy.

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i cant even read books lol. you are lucky guys !


Why can’t you read books? Is it due to brainfog?


Tools of Titans.

More a book about thriving, rather than coping.


due to cognitive impairment


Just listen to the audio version


Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl

It’s a book about coping with radically changed circumstances, finding meaning in life when seemingly everything worth living for is thrown out the window. A good guy off here was hit pretty hard with PFS and recommended it to me. I’m in the process of reading it now. It was written by a psychiatrist who observed first-hand the concentration camps during WWII, and took note of the prisoners who lived, and those who died.


His own words were “that booked saved my life, more than once.” He stands by the book so much he literally ordered me a copy and shipped it to my address.