Bone Structure Recovery

There is hope, my facial Features are back. Jaw is bigger and stronger again, unbelievable.


Incredible and thanks for the post. Just another reason to believe all this reversible. Our bodies just need to be jumpstarted and once they are, everything comes back online. It happens naturally for some people and others will require future treatment, but I truly believe it’s all possible. Congrats, brother!


Thanks so much for coming and giving us hope. @Balph check this out man

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Amazing. This is all recoverable!

were you able to reverse muscle loss? if yes, what did you do?

i mean this sounds great but i cant belive it honestly. show some before and after pics

What did you do to recover? Give us some info

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Hard to tell if I had muscle loss. My muscle tone was in any case greatly reduced and the muscles all soft. Now fuller and harder again. I also had penis shrinkage, unsatisfactory orgasm, watery semen, destroyed skin. Everything is improving.

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I understand. I’ve always felt that way, too. It’s hard to believe.

To be honest, I can’t even say for sure… I had my first big crash at the beginning of 2020. After that I experimented with supplements (many antiandrogens stupidly) which caused me to crash again in early 2021. Then at the beginning of 2022 everything started to get better. It was a slow but steady process, I am not completely cured but if it continues like this very soon. I am lucky to respond well to androgens. I can’t say exactly what it was but I think time, heavy weight training, androgenic supplements like Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis as well as very little stress.


What have you do??