Body Hair Loss!

After 12 years of suffering with this my body hair (which was very thick and all over my body except for my back) has been reduced to 50% at least.

I was a very hairy guy. Then I notice very frequently all the hairs had fallen to the floor along the wall of my apartment. Like clumps every single week.

When this picked up I noticed my other symptoms gradually got worse too but I still felt fine, so to speak.

I just got my Free T back and on a range of about 9-25 mine was a 18.7.

I just DO NOT understand anymore. Why all the shedding?
PLUS along with the shedding I’ve noticed a disconnect between the brain and penis.12 YEARS AFTER!!!

These days it’s much much more difficult to get aroused. Even early years with this thing I could watch porn and would have no problem.

It seems to have gotten worse as the years have gotten on. I Fuckin can’t take this shit man :man_facepalming:t2: