Body Hair Changes

Anyone know why I have increased body hair like crazy

Me too man. And I had enough body hair already. It’s all dark and course and growing wildly. Fucking shit

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I’ve been losing it if anything

A lot of it

Fuckin PFS

Same as you body hair is thinner and lighter in color than pre pfs, do you have penile shrinkage too?

My body hair (chest, legs and face) was growing much stronger after 1 year of quitting fin especially my beard (which I never had during fin) started to grow aswell.

Does it grow faster along with your nails. I have to cut mine weekly

I have to cut my nails almost every week but I think thats pretty common. But my nails got stronger since last year, don’t know why. Short after quitting they were easier to bend.

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Mine are bendy but also ridged and brittle. One of the more recent sides.