Bloodwork and indicators before starting fin?

I’m considering starting on finasterid 0,25 mg daily.

I’m obviously concerned about the (as far as I know) tiny risk of PFS. Are there any PFS indicators (hormone levels, genes, mental profile) today I can take? And in any case, what bloodwork should i get done to create a baseline before starting? (DHT, TEST, …)?

Finally, is it true that there are NO known physical evidence of PFS? Can it not be measured in hormone levels, genes, etc?

Thank you

First, this site is explicitly not intended for those considering taking finasteride.

From our about page:

The discussion forum exists as a place of support and connection for men suffering from Post-Finasteride Syndrome and as a place to share and record their experiences. Membership of the discussion forum is NOT for those considering use of or using finasteride . Membership is restricted to past users of Finasteride (or other antiandrogenic endocrine disrupting drug) who are experiencing persistent side effects that have not resolved in the months or years after cessation. The forum is actively managed and members agree to abide by the community rules and our terms of service.

For this reason, along with your willingness to jeopardize your health despite the warnings provided by experiences of members our patient community, your account has been silenced and you can PM a moderator here to unsilence it in the future if you do decide to take finasteride and develop symptoms of PFS that persist for more than 3 months after stopping the drug.

Simply put, the signs of PFS that have been revealed required research laboratories (spinal taps and biopsies to test neurosteroids and gene expression, respectively). There was a recent publication showing an altered gut microbiome, but I’m not aware how you would plan on utilizing a snapshot of before/after of what may be a secondary effect of PFS, rather than a direct sign.

FYI, some of our most severely-affected members have landed here after using as little as a quarter dose of 1mg and/or alternating days of use, indicating it is more a matter of personal susceptibility to PFS that cumulative dose.