Bloodwork analysis: help

I just got bloodwork back from last week. Posting some of the results that left me feeling like they might have been fishy. Any analysis would be appreciated!
The corticosterone seems exceptionally high, although i dont know what this means in remation to pfs. Also, the T and DHT seems incredibly low, especially considering that I’m only 22. Any thoughts?

Your blood work points to a lot of stress (high Cortisol and corticosterone), which puts downward pressure on androgens.

Getting stress and sleep under control looks like it could be very helpful.

I’d also be interested in seeing estrogen levels.

thank you for your input. I’m seeing a sleep specialist next week, so hopefully that can be worked out!

estradiol 20.1 pg/ml,
estrogens, total: 60 pg/ml

What are the ranges for those measurements?

I want to say ALdersterone regulates GABA which would effect sleep. I’m kind of in a similiar boat. I think you need to get your T and other hormones raised… which should hopefully help sleep. Def see a sleep doc. You need sleep to heal.

I stopped the aldosterone back in march, still have a rubbery glans with no feeling. Still don’t get erections from seeing anything sexual, or have any libido.
I also still can’t sleep longer than 6 hours consecutively. Honestly these symptoms came on with mostly with the topical spironolactone than with the finasteride, although they were only a few months apart so maybe I crashed later. All i know is
Within three days of stopping the spironolactone i started having intense insomnia that hasn’t subsided, and had a spell of hot flashes for a few weeks.

I’m really hoping Andractim or T replacement restores feeling in my glans, and hardness. Otherwise I don’t know how I’ll keep going.

Regarding Cortisol production, it’s related to the hypothalamus, isn’t it?

Studies have shown that Finasteride affect the hypothalamus, right?

I wish I knew more, but I don’t know