Blood work so far (high Prolactin)

Testosterone, Total 464.41 ng/dL 240.24 - 870.68 ng/dL
Testosterone, Free Calculation 103 pg/mL 47 - 244 pg/mL
Testosterone, LC-MS/MS 364 ng/dL 300 - 1080 ng/dL
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 17 nmol/L 11 - 80 nmol/L
Testosterone, Bioavailable 254.8 ng/dL 130.0 - 680.0 ng/dL
Testosterone, Free LC-MS/MS 82.5 pg/mL 47.0 - 244.0 pg/mL5-a-
Dihydrotestosterone, LC-MS/MS 319.8 pg/mL 106.0 - 719.0 pg/mL
Estradiol 27.2 pg/mL 10.0 - 42.0 pg/mL
Estrone 22.5 pg/mL 9.0 - 36.0 pg/mL
Estrogens Total Calc 49.7 pg/mL 19.0 - 69.0 pg/mL
Luteinizing Hormone 4.4 mIU/mL mIU/mL
Follicle Stimulating Hormone 2.3 mIU/mL 1.4 - 18.1 mIU/mL
Prolactin 35.4 ng/mL 2.1 - 17.7 ng/mL
DHEA-Sulfate 243 mcg/dL 104 - 457 mcg/dL
Progesterone Level 0.4 ng/mL 0.3 - 1.2 ng/mL
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 2.110 mcIU/mL 0.358 - 3.800 mcIU/mL

1 month off finasteride. Only took 5 pills. No sexual sides. Blood results so far. Very high Prolactin. Im currently waiting for prolactin (restest), pregnenolone, allopregnanolone, and cortisol. Anything else I should get checked?

(retest) Prolactin 32.6 ng/mL 2.1 - 17.7 ng/mL
Cortisol 21.3 mcg/dL mcg/dL |
(retest) Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 3.570 mcIU/mL|0.358 - 3.800 mcIU/mL
High dose biotin supplementation (>1 mg/day) may falsely decrease results.
T4, Free 1.06 ng/dL 0.76 - 1.46 ng/dL
T3, Total 86 ng/dL 60 - 181 ng/dL
Pregnenolone 179 ng/dL 23 - 173 ng/dL

I was taking 5000 mcg of Biotin during my first blood test. I am probably going to retest TSH in a few weeks. I have an Endo appointment scheduled. I am suspecting Thyroid issues? idk

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retested all and everything is back in range except cortisol is still high

iv given up on doing more tests. I cant afford it

Did you have any improvements?

not much but I can say that my breast tenderness is almost gone. I posted an update on my story

It is interesting to me that a lot of people who post their bloods also have borderline low thyroid (as evidenced by your TSH being 3.5 and close to the upper limit). Yes, it is technically in range, (just like a Testosterone reading of 300 ng/dl is also in range, but way different than having a level of 1000) but with TSH being a marker of how much stimulation your thyroid gland needs to produce an adequate amount of hormones, being the lower end of that range is preferable to the high end.

Personally, I had outright hypothyroidism (my TSH varied between 6-8), took T4 therapy for a while, then got off. Now my TSH hovers between 2 and 4 without medication (Endo says I don’t need it), although I definitely felt better overall when it was 2.1 than now when it is 3.9. Just something to think about.

For you i think cabergoline will be the best option talk with your doctor if he agrees start it immediately brother.

Yes I think you are absolutely right.
My thyroid was fluctuating a lot the months I tested post fin. It went from 2 to 3.5 and last checked it was 1.5. My endo thinks that was due to me taking huge quantities of biotin supplement which can throw off the results of the test as well as affecting the thyroid itself.
My fatigue has slightly improved which could be a symptom of the thyroid fluctuating, but honestly idk

And yeah I think my testosterone is very low even though it is in range. I asked my endo about it and he said that there is no evidence that having higher testosterone makes any difference and didnt want to do anything about it

I did discuss taking something for prolactin with my doctor so we did a retest and the last test of prolactin I did with my endo came out to 4 so neither he nor I wanted to take anything for prolactin if it has gone down and especially if my symptoms havent improved much
However my breast tenderness has improved considerably which can be a symptom of high prolactin