Blood work help


My free t levels were insane low and now they are within range a few months later . also my shbg is high it seems . did I miss anything ? I think I should get my estrogen tested


I also have high SBHG, my estrogen was within normal when I checked (also an accutane) what symptoms do you have ?


Derealization. Depression. Horrible memory. Libido issues. Elastic skin. Fatigue. Muscle loss/weakness. Mood swings. Visual snow.


You’re levels look great to be honest. Everything except the high SHBG. Your estrogen is perfect.


dont know how i missed that. how would i lower my sbhg? could it be binding up my free t? i had bloodwork done back in march and my free t was insanely low i dont know how/why its changed



old labs


well they didn’t measure your free T yet. they measured free androgens. i wouldn’t try to manipulate anything yet imo


isnt free t 4 my free t?

edit. okay just googled thats for thyroid. why wouldnt he measure my free t isnt that the most important? going to get him to do that


not all doctors understand the importance of testing different serum levels based on subjective and objective clinical manifestations