Blog post: New publications focus attention on devastating consequences of PFS


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Psychosomatic attribution, meanwhile, is in our view an inexcusable gaslighting of patients suffering a serious physiological condition. Frequent clinical ignorance has very real and devastating consequences considering that vulnerable young PFS patients – already in an invidious situation – are often reliant on the support of family members who understandably defer to the advice of clinicians.

was a particularly good insight and one which isn’t often recognised given the consequences for patients and their relationships with family members. It’s not uncommon to read members here state that the love and respect they once held for individual family members has been debased by the unbelief they are sometimes met with. That skepticism and suspicion can often translate into a deficit of truthful sympathy, sympathy which is so sorely needed given the terrible condition PFS can leave patients in. That so many in the medical sphere still endorse and promote such doubt regarding the veracity of PFS’ existence, and thus instill this doubt into some relatives of patients, is another stain on their profession.