Blocked ejaculation?! Anyone have this?


I just tried to masturbate and when i came, there was a clog like feel, just under my two testicles where Pelvic Floor muscles starts. I had this thing time to time but this time it happened more severe. My muscles try to push out the semen while i ejaculating, it feels like there is something in the way, a clog, and it blocks the semen canal.

I literally feel the struggle of my pelvic floor muscles… right under, between testicles; they try to push out the semen bur not in one motion, like they try to push several times to complete the task.

Also my orgasms feels shit, i can’t enjoy them. Is this related to low semen volume or something? If i heal my semen volume and prostate, will i able to feel the healthy and strong muscle contractions during orgasm? Also anyone had this effect and anyone reversed it?


yes me. had the same after the crash. but it only lasted 2 weeks fortunately


So, are you better now? Did that effect resolved?
How about your orgasm quality?


Yes I had a blocked ejaculation, now even more. Before I have a great amount of sperm I could take a shower, now nothing comes out! And if I come it I’m worse I can not ejaculate! :pensive::pensive::pensive:


I feel this sensation sometimes too cooper. What’s also weird is that my orgasms feel noticabely better when the sperm that comes out is watery and clear whereas I almost feel nothing when it is thick and white. Don’t know what to make of this.

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Perhaps you feel better when testosterone is lower?


I guess so, I know that my T was close to the low end of the range even before propecia. Thing is I feel better as far as fatigue when T is high


I have the same issue. I think we need more investigation into this symptom. I have a hunch it has to do with the prostate. Have any of you checked for blockages or prostate exams?


Are any of you guys Doctors? How do you know you have a blockage and your body just isn’t producing semen correctly since PFS? I have off the charts crazy high Testosterone and semen volume was always ok until maybe about a year back when it suddenly became watery and a lot less volume. Been taking Tribulus lately and have notice an increase in volume and thickness.


Well i did a overall scan on my lover body parts. But it was just a simple scan. The paper said my prostate size and all of the other organs were ok.
I don’t know… we need to investigate this one for sure… wish we had an active doctor in this forum. Imagine the knowledge and understanding leap we could get? Damn… maybe we should really fund someone to join this forum daily, and answer all of our questions. Isn’t that a good idea?

If 50 of us pay 5$ dollars, it makes 250$. We should try this.


Since 4 pills of Accutane my semen volume has been never the same. And strange things come and go over these years. Lately, i have flaccid hourglass penis time to time. And i noticed my orgasms started to feel bad and i don’t experience any morning woods anymore. Also after my high doses of androgenic supplement experiments somehow resulted as weaker erections. But im not so sure about that one, it could be paranoia or overthinking.


I have the genital numbness and dull orgasm with low force and volume. I have a discomfort in right testicle and right vas deferns that comes and goes for a few hours a day. Its as if the right tube that connects to my right testicle had ice aplied to it for hours and it obstructs ejaculate.

Tip of penis also gets this cold airy feeling. Sometimes when I lay in bed I get this weird twitch in my scrotum between the anus and scrotum. Its like these are the times im supposed to get spontaneous erections but the signal is being blocked or something!?!