Black Tea Down Regulates Receptor Activity

Apparently finasteride doesn’t down regulate androgen receptor activity, but black tea does.

Not sure if Black Tea on its own is strong enough, but the extract definitely is cause it can reduce DHT as much as finasteride.

Thought this was interesting. Has anyone tried black tea extract? It’s a gamble either way probably but we might have something that could work for some people. I might try drinking green or black tea on its own for a month each to see what happens, not sure about the extract yet.

Been drinking it for three days. 2 cups a day. I think I felt some pressure in my head the first day, but not really sure.

But no changes in anything. I think I’ll have to go with the extract cause just tea isn’t strong enough on its own. I’m not risking that anyone soon though, maybe one day.

Why are u risking it by reducing ur dht? @lashes_to_lashes is no more because of an antiandrogen.

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Cause supposedly it down regulates androgens. And since ours are over expressed I thought maybe this could help.

I’m not taking a big risk with the tea. I already know I’m not easily susceptible to AR inhibiting foods cause I ate a lot of dark chocolate and cacao nibs a couple of years ago and it didn’t affect me negatively. If I were to take the extract then yeah I’d be taking a risk, but I’m not gonna do that right now.

Edit - Just drank another cup today and feeling pressure in my head. It’s definitely doing something I guess.

Please don’t confuse AR (androgen receptors) with 5-ar (an enzyme).

Drank it during the week for 5 days. It’s too early to tell but I think it’s improved my bowel movements. I usually have to shit 3-4 times every day, but so far the past two days this Sat/Sun I haven’t had to do that.

If this holds it seems like I basically reversed a mild case of IBD, which has no cure.

Will keep updating.

I’m also incorporating black tea in my daily routine. I tried green tea, but it seems to drive my low estrogen further down. Black tea, on the other hand, seems to help with bowel movements (as you said) and provides some caffeine and EGCG. My mood feels better on it too.

I haven’t drank it this weekend though. So off for two days. I’m gonna stay off and see if it’s a permanent change.

Drink some boba for me

Bubble tea? Maybe lol.

This can’t be a coincidence that I don’t have to use the bathroom anymore. I wanna keep drinking it but I’m pretty sure the pressure in my head is brain fog so I’m risking that.

The poison is definitely the cure it seems lol. I hope this down regulation stuff is a positive thing though.

Edit - Gonna keep drinking it daily for a month, see what happens. Since black tea is as strong as finasteride, drinking it is like microdosing.

As strong as Finasteride, ey?

Yea the extract is, look it up

Nothing in this world can come near Finasteride, not even an atom bomb.

Well you’re wrong cause black tea extract inhibits 72% DHT while finasteride inhibits 71%

Lol …u think Finasteride inhibits only dht? It has the capacity to change ur DNA itself.

Update: Seems the bowel movement thing was short lived, had to use the bathroom twice today already.

I started taking the black tea last week on Monday. Took it up till Friday. That day I noticed my stomach hurt for a little bit. Then over the weekend it seemed like my gut issues improved. I resumed taking it Monday and today Tuesday. Earlier this morning I felt my stomach hurting again for no reason. That might have been when I reverted back to having the gut issues.

I probably should’ve quit while I was ahead lol.

Edit - Now my back is hurting in addition my stomach. Add fatigue to it too. I fucked up trying this.

It was stronger than I thought it would be, although I should’ve known when I get the pressure in my head/brain fog.

Ending this experiment for now.

Update: Feel fine two days later off of it. No lasting effects

Hold it right there @lbv I’m getting the exact same symptoms, it seems. My back hurts too especially before or after having BMs, I never suspected the black tea may be the culprit :thinking:. I’m also getting like 2-3 (sometimes 4) BMs a day and from my experience, more BMs corroborates with brain fog. It may be the caffeine content as coffee also makes me go but not really sure. I’ll cut black tea for a few days and see how this goes.

What’s BM?

Yea my back started hurting and stomach. The brain fog was awful for a few hours one day. I might try it again for a few days to see if I can go back to normal bowel movements cause it worked for 3 days.