Better on this supplement



This is just funny, he is probably a troll. Talking about “baltazar”. Interesting though, a guy has a statement that he cured himself. They talk about PFS as a flu-like mild problem. This forum is so weird.

I took a low dose anti-progestin (a medication called Ella) for 5 days. This brought back libido and erections 75%. Then focused on digestion and eating healthy which got me back to baseline.

I would say my libido and sexual function is the best it’s been in my entire life now.

Anyone tried morning after pills? Am i suppose to laugh at the same time? This is funny, but look at the confidence of this fella!:

  • Yes I did. I split the pill into 6ths. Very low dose. Haidut has posted studies about males using mifepristone successfully. Mifepristone is similar to ella in that it blocks progesterone receptors, which resensitizes the receptor. I am active on hackstasis and suggest looking over there for more posts and info. Many others have been “cured” or made progress from pfs.


I took milpref back in 2006 w no improvement, although I only took it for a few days if I remember correctly