Best diet consensus


Hey guys, I always hear of different diets, which is the best for us? I want to commit to a good diet


We’ve heard a lot about raw foods and eliminating carbs, caffeine and alcohol. For me, in addition to eating better, I followed the advice of intermittent fasting, where you may eat breakfast and lunch, but skip dinner and go without eating for more hours. That ironically seemed to help my energy level and I lost extra weight doing so.


I’m interested to hear what’s said here but would be particularly interested to hear if anyone has changed their diet, felt better, switched back to their old diet, felt worse and then returned to the alternative diet and felt better again.

I’m not sure there’s not a lot of false equivalence with diets on the forum. I personally ate incredibly healthily immediately after my crash and now eat whatever I feel like (much less healthily) but feel better.


Personally i eat whatever i want to within reason
I have tried all the diets they did nothing for me ive tried fasting in the past that just left me feeling weak and worse off.
I use whey protein powders stacked with amino acids along with creatine Lglutamine and high doses of vitamin d3 I can’t say that make any difference really if im honest but they do help support the body when weight training.
I’m considering a testosterone cycle to see if that peps things up with the libido or the ed but again ive done this extensively in the past to no avail so I’m sitting on the fence with idea at the moment.
One other thing that im considering if i don’t do the testosterone cycle is long term clomid use say 25 - 50mg a day for 12 weeks to see if this has any effect but yet again ive done this in the past to no avail ,im kinda hope that my body has recovered enough for one of these to help now that I’ve had a long break from them.


Definitely avoid caffeine and alcohol, especially if you have anxiety and/or insomnia. I personally can’t tolerate caffeine at all in my current state, even a small amount can trigger a panic attack.


Currently on TRT 60mg a week, and have what I believe to be post aromatase inhibitor syndrome.

Before this disease: Ate whatever I wanted, as long I fulfilled my micro and macronutrient requirements. I typically ate 3,600-4,200 calories per day. Was extremely muscular and maintained 9% body fat year around. Consumed a lot of caffeine and a lot of alcohol.

Now: Eat whatever I want as long as I fulfill my micro and macro nutrient requirements. I typically eat 1600-2,400 calories per day.
Somewhat muscular but nothing like before, at around 12% body fat. Still consume a lot of caffeine, but little to no alcohol.


Thanks everyone and how do you feel on TRT


I was on TRT before I got this disease. Felt like jesus christ 24/7.

I feel nothing like I used to, but not being on it would make my condition much worse


Had PFS nearly 5 years never been on any diet, I eat the same now as before PFS, had gut and stool issues among others but have used digestion enzymes and lots of good bacteria to help me here and lately stools look like huge tree trucks like before PFS lol. Woke up with an eretion early hours this morning which aint happened for awhile but that maybe the Ginko I’ve recently started again. I’m not sure if I crash anymore my baseline has improved over the years and main issue is crap libido, my view on crashing is we are in a constant state of crash until we return to our pre propecia selves, sometimes we feel good sometimes we feel worse but both still in crash mode,


gotta go raw


Very informative & helpful post thanks for sharing.