Best Creatine to buy?

I’m looking at trying Creatine can anyone recommend what is the best form of Creatine to buy ?

Chiming in as old weightlifter here…

It’s all much the same stuff, however Creatine Ethyl Ester will be absorbed and act faster than Monohydrate; you won’t need a loading phase with it.

There was a debacle in the 90s about Chinese Creatine being tainted, and iirc only four places in the world actually make it - three in China and one in Germany. The German stuff was Creapure.

Having had Creatine in various forms, likely from various sources on and off for many years I can honestly say I don’t feel any was better than any other though.

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Take note of how you feel. Creatine makes me feel worse.

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Creatine is very dangerous. Some people has syndrome by Creatine.


Are you saying Creatine can cause PFS ?

Absolutely yes!

I got worse with androgenic supplements. First you see a temporary increase, then a decrease. But thats just up to your body. There are also people who improved with Creatine.

How ? is it a 5α-Reductase inhibitor ?

I don’t know how, but i’m pretty sure that there some guys that developed our condition with creatine.

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So they took creatine and never took fin?

Or took fin then got worse with creatine?