Berlin cures for a cure

Berlin cures is a Swiss company with a subsidiary in Berlin. Berlin Cures is developing a cure for long covid and treating it like an autoimmune disorder. I think PFS/PSSD/PAS and long covid are all diseases which the body creates autoantibodies.

I think it would be a good idea if the foundation invest in Berlin Cures for developing a treatment which fights the autoantibodies in PFS.


I agree. Looks super promising.


Good call


Can you do an outreach to them?


They (referring to the drug and supplement companies and their ilk) knew the problem would not be detectable on routine tests, therefore difficult to draw a proven link. They knew or thought they knew no one would think to test for autoantibodies.

It is possible to develop an autoimmune reaction to every system, bone, muscle, enzyme, hormone, and organ in the body. With novel autoimmune diseases, the tests have to be specific. You can’t conduct a blanket test for everything under the sun. Not too long ago, 7 PsSD sufferers were posting on the PsSD Reddit that they found a lab to test for auto-antibodies against the receptors their drugs interact with and every single 1 came back positive on multiple receptor tests. Very soon after, the lab was “closed to outsiders” and posts were deleted. Very suspicious!

Autoimmune diseases are as diverse and unique as cancer, both differ in severity and across affected sites. The immune system is actually supposed to attack corrupted cells such as cancerous cells, but it should not attack healthy cells. Cancer is basically the opposite of an autoimmune disease. In cancer, the body fails to create antibodies against corrupted cells and allows them to continue their dysfunctional agenda.

Herbs and medication that affect inflammation and autoimmunity have done more for me than hormonal treatments. Furthermore, I dare say the former made me more responsive to the latter. Sadly, suppressing the immune system opens you up to nasty infections.

I’m sure a nun and a harlot would have a very different gene expression profile in their vaginas. I’m sure a smoker and someone who never smoked has a different gene expression profile in their lungs. A heart biopsy of a heart attack patient and a person who never had a heart attack would have a very different gene expression profile. A cancerous prostate and a healthy prostate would have different gene expression profiles. A broken bone and a healthy bone would have different gene expression profiles. In a sense, all diseases and injuries are epigenetic. I think I made my point.

TLDR: I hope a dedicated and adequately funded researcher or research team jumps on this.

PS: I don’t care who solves the post drug/supplement syndromes as long as someone does. I don’t care if it’s a team of high school dropouts with no college experience or a green alien from Mars.


I contacted the foundation about this. The person from the Foundation I emailed replied he will try to contact them.

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I think it would be a good idea if we could work on proving to doctors and scientists that PFS exists.


I think most guys just wanna get cured. If Berlin Cures can help us it doesn’t matter for me if all the other doctors and scientist believe PFS excist or not ( they don’t care either). We wait over 2 decades spent hundreds and some people thousands on donations and we are still not close to a cure.

So I think it’s better to work on a cure than try to prove PFS excist.

And yes, I highly appreciate all the effort from the Foundation and volunteers. This is just MY point of view.