Beginning to recover


Hello Everyone,

I’ve visited this site many times but have never posted anything as I’ve never really had anything to contribute. I’m 31 and fairly fit. I took the drug for about 7 years where I experienced most of the side effects. however I heard that once you quit everything would return to normal. I decided to quit last may 07 at which point everything returned to normal and then crashed after a month.(This is similar to many users on here). The main side effects I had which came back and did not go away was ED, low libido, very little ejaculate, shrunk dick and difficulty sleeping and penis numbness.

I went to numerous doctors/natural paths and had all the tests done and all my levels/hormones were in the normal range. My prolactin was a little high but the doctor said it was nothing to be concerned about. In addition I tried all the vitamins such as arginine, ornathine, vitamin d, vitamin c, maca, broccoli . Some helped temporarily but nothing permanent.

By February I decided to suspend the arginine and seeing doctors and spent about 7 weeks on maca and trying to keep a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating healthy. This helped a bit but was nothing permanent. Finally by June 08, things finally showed signs of recovery. I started getting more frequent morning wood, ejaculate was normal, but still not as much as before, penile sensitivity had started to return, testicles were not as shrivled as before and erections were easier to achieve.

I’m not sure what the majic cure was. I personally think it was a combination of the maca and rest. I would say I am about 70-80% back to normal and hopefully plan to make a full recovery.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this site as I would have been clueless on possible cures and cause of symptoms. I think everyone will recover with time, just be patient with your body. I will still check into this site and will update everyone when I’m a 100%


maca was about the only thing that worked for me , i wasnt back up to 100% but i was maybe 75% (up from 50%)

the arginine was really good for 3-4 weeks then i must have developed resistance to it


Thats great man. I believe you. I hear that.

I feel the same way quite often.

That area was traumatized, and shocked. its like your foot falling asleep, although it was your prostate!! It just sometimes takes a long time.
Its like people with back injuries. Some people hurt their backs, and through extremem care and power they are able to recover, then theres some that never recover, even years later.
This is what I beleive.
There was cell death and trauma of the prostate, and it needs to recover back.
Androgens can also boost recovery, as studies have shown that increased T rates have stimulated prostate regeneration and health.

Anyway, That is great man.
Tell us whatever works,
And btw well written post.
I would really like to hear from you on some occassional reflections and other ideas when they come up, so tell us more from time to time.



Thanks for your post. I really need to hear stories like that once in a while so I dont go insane with my situation.


are there any other content maca users?


I want to try some maca. What brand should I get? What dose? Where should I buy it?

There are “yellow,”, “red”, "and “black” types of maca. Which should I get?

Hey Mew, have you tried maca? I know you said that studies show it may reduce prostate size, so I am hesitant to try maca at all.


Yellow Maca looks like the one to get.


just go to your health food store , look for yellow maca powder ; organic and 100% pure with no other ingredients they should stock it

i’ve had some luck with an alkalizing bath recipe i’ve been using the past week also.we all know viagra and l’arginine work on the principle of increasing blood flow , nitric oxide and oxygen in the blood well these baths seem to have similar effects and the ingredients are cheap and easy to pick up at your local supermarket or drug store.

in a half tub of hot water i use 3/4 a cup of epsom salts , 3/4 a cup of bi-carb soda and 3/4 a cup of 6% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
soak for at least 30 minutes each time , keeping the water as hot as you can stand it
it’s really helped my blood flow ‘down there’ along with clearing up my skin rash that i developed whilst on saw palmetto

if anyone here has failed to make progress with any other ED protocols , maybe give this one a try? it’s been good for me


So are you now completely recovered?


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