Begining a radical dietary approach to recover from POST ACCUTANE SYNDROME

My story is pretty horrific and depressing to read, so I wont go into all the details regarding it, just a summary and my plan for recovery:

I took Accutane at jan of 2018, at a relatively low dose of 20mg per day for 2 months.
At the end of my second month Ive experienced severe brain fog and blurry vision and decided to stop the medication at once.
1.5 months after I quit, I developed severe symptoms which are the following:
-Impotence, almost no ejaculate and 0 libido.

  • IBS: cramping, loud bowel noises, pain, alot of gas.
  • Severe dry skin eyes and hair.
    -Craking and popping and pain throughout all of my joints in my body.
  • Eye floaters and visual snow, after images.
  • Tinnitus and mild hearing loss.
  • Severe migranes and worsening of the brain fog, with a strong pressure like feeling in the head.
    -Became very suicidal and have suffered from major depression ever since.

It has now been over a year since I have taken this poison, and I can say very few things improved on their own with me doing anything about them:

  • Pressure feeling in head is almost gone.
    -Brain fog improved significantly but is still debilitating.
    -I can now achieve an erection and have sex, although my libido is very low.

My other issues regarding vision, tinnitus, IBS, joint issues and dyrness persist and have somewhat worsened.

My Plan:
After doing some research I came about the paleomedicina website and read about their unique approach to treat a variety of complicated disease by following what they call a paleo-ketogenic diet.

The diet has some rules:

  • Eat only 4 legged animals.
  • For every 100 gram of meat, eat 30 gram of pure animal fat.
  • Incorporate internal organs into your diet, this is extremely important, mainly liver and kidneys: 2 times a week, and brain and bone marrow 2 times a week.
    -The total amount of daily food should reach about 500 grams a day.
  • Try to cook the food as minimal as possible.
    -Drink only water.

I am also going to incorporate fasting of 24 hours once a week, and in addition add a routine of meditation daily for 20 minutes everyday.

I will make a weekly update on how i feel, and I am going to give this diet a try for 6 months in order to evaluate its efficiency for my condition.
I know that Dr. Zsofia clemenc who invented the protocol had great success with a lot of patients who were dealing with neurological conditions, Inflammatory bowel disease, and a lot of other issues
I actually met her in person and she thinks this is the way out of this mess.
Wish me luck,

And I was wondering if anyone else has ever tried this form of therapy before.

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After a year, if it’s neuro damage, you think you can still improve simply from diet? If you read my story you can see my symtoms (my neurological/visual symtoms are similar to yours if not more severve). I’ve fasted, eaten paleo, etc and not much help other than feeling better because I’m eating well. Anyways props to you for going on this journey - looking forward to hearing your updates.

I have talked to one of the leading neurologists in Israel and he says you can improve years after the initial damage.
Just recently my brain fog has gotten better.
But I do not know no anything for sure, all I know is I cannot live like this, it isn’t a life worth living, so I might as well try my best and give it all I got for a while and see if it is possible to get better.
If not I can always hang my sorry ass later, at least after knowing I tried my best to recover.

I’m very interested in this please keep us updated

I will definitely keep you guys updated on this journey.
I do believe improvements can definitely be made.
I was completely impotent, I mean I couldn’t get an erection to save my life no matter what, and now just making out with a girl, or thinking about sex I can get hard. that’s an obvious improvement.
In addition my brain fog was absolutely unbearable, and now it is def better than it was prior, so obviously something can happen.
I have read about several guys who healed MS using this protocol, as well as epilepsy, crohns disease UC, and a lot of other issues, so I am positive this can help.

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Hi, how is your semen volume and orgasm-build up + intensity? (when i orgasm lately, it happens in matter of seconds and there is no pleasurable climax feeling in it) Im also an Accutane victim, but a very mild case. Also how about your erection quality? Please keep us updated.

semen volume reduced, orgasm build up very weak, orgasm itself very dull to non existent.
Erections aren’t as hard as they were prior to accutane

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como você está hoje irmão ?

How are you doing nowadays, bro? Thinking about consulting with them as well

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