Been suffering simmilar side effects using Roaccutane

hi guys,
im new here, and i have been reading your posts for the past couple of months
ran into this forum during my recent and severe hairloss,
i got to say, that your postings really stopped me for going on a once a day 1 mg treatment with propecia.
the onlly reason i decided to post in my insights is because i can feel each and every one of your feelings.
I know it dosent concern you as much, since my problem isent fin connected, but only till i ran into this forum i realized i am having a problem.
I was taking Roaccutane when i was 16, for a half a year, could really recap and remmeber my self as a high libido kind of a guy, and pretty much had only sex in my mind. since taking this crap, it was al taken away from me. as for most of you, never really realized i had a problem, was just thinking it was normal.
i am suffering each and every symptom you guys are taking about,. low libido, ‘numbness’ , hard time keepeing an errection etc.
my question is regarding your experince, and your insights on researches on this medication. what to your experince should i do? what tests? i am feeling so insecure for the past 5 years. i do not enter to any relationship because of this problem., i am feeling lost and lonley, and to think i have to deal with this for the rest of my life, i am not in a good situation.
if there is any reccomandations by you fellows, it will help me alot.
i saw some posts regarding roaccutane, but never saw a personal insight on it. there is no forums regarding this problem, and i feel that this is the place for me to talk to people with the exact same problem, only from a diffrent backround.
anything you will say will be helpfull.
thanks alot .

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A forum dedicated to accutane side effects would be a better choice for you, since that is not the focus of this site:

EDIT – ignore the above and see my comments below.

Mew, this is [Size=4]highly relevant![/size]

There is an obvious relationship here: Accutane reduces DHT!! Check this out: … /80/4/1158

I did some further research: These guys indeed have the same symptom profile as we do!

The facts increasingly cannot be ignored: Reducing DHT, by whatever means, can SCREW UP a certain segment of males. As you know, we have reports on this site from SP as well. SP also reduces DHT (even though not to the extent of finasteride). These facts are part of the puzzle an CANNOT be ignored.

FIN + SP + Accutane: Do not underestimate the power of victims in large numbers.

Goldenw, welcome and stick around!

Yes there is relevance between these 2 medications…Again, I say we hire a scientist to explore this…Before doing so, we need to setup an account with an attorney, and start adding to it over the next few months to get this going…

Yes I’m aware Accutane reduces DHT… it’s just I don’t want this site to become a catch-all for any sexual dysfunction issues which didn’t stem from Finasteride use.

However, considering we have users with issues from Saw Palmetto, and now Accutane, both of which affect DHT production/binding in the body, it is probably worthy to include those who took a DHT effecting medication.

Damn straight its relevant!..

Mew, how about running it by the rest of the forum first before you tell someone to leave the site? We are all in this together remember? Its all of our livelihoods at stake if you tell someone to leave the site and it turns out they were a part of the solution.

J89, I’m not sure where your recent hostility is coming from, but it’s not appreciated and not conducive to healthy discussion.

Like I said, I’m aware Accutane affects DHT, but I thought this guy might be better served by visiting an Accutane-specific forum where he can speak with other sufferers that took the same drug, share their experiences etc.

HOWEVER, yes – in light of the fact the drug affects DHT, I agree with you guys that this is of interest to our cases as well.

As for me “running this by everyone on the forum” before making decisions, that is not realistic and there would always be differing opinions on what should or shouldn’t be said, done etc. It is important to keep the topics on this site focused on core issues of the syndrome we are experiencing (including those who took Saw Palmetto and now, Accutane-based drugs)… otherwise, this site will become a catch-all for people who have ANY sexual, mental and physical side effects which are completely unrelated to Finasteride, 5AR or DHT inhibitor usage… thereby diluting the value of information on this site.

People are free to read and visit this site all they want, but should be mindful of what it’s about if they are posting (ie, guys still on DHT inhibiting drugs who waste all of our time by posting “should I quit?”).

To the original poster, glad you found the site and hope it will be of use to you. Cheers.

Does it also block 5AR2?

This is quite relevant indeed.

I also took Accutane and suffer endocrine dysfunction and many other problems almost identical to the rest of you who took propecia.

Very interestingly I know some people who took finaseteride to treat the sexual side effects caused by accutane and when they went on it, their symptoms worsened, however a few days of being off, everything was completely normal down there. But it only lasted for a short period of time.

I feel whatever treatment may help you guys will also help people who suffer long term accutane side effects

I have been living with these symptoms for nearly three years, way to long if you ask me. we need to come together and find a real treatment

Also, Accutane is used for prostate cancer same as propecia from what I understand

Does anyone tend to recover with time? I was thinking of going to see Dr.Crisler if I could get some money together

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Thank you for having come to this site![/size]

I have been researching my brains out all day and it 100% matches, some of these guys even have penile shrinkage, gyno, etc.!!

Goldenw’s post could turn out to be the most important single event in the history of finasteride sufferers. I am already trying to contact a Roaccutane support group and have the name of the top lawyer taking care of this case. I plan to contact him tomorrow by phone.

If we can link Finasteride with Roaccutane, we have instantly multiplied our chances of success by a factor 1000!!

Guys, this rocks!!

@Goldenw: Could you please give us a full member story in the “Member Stories” section? Thanks!

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Mew, whether it specifically effects DHT or not, if the symtpoms are similar, then this is extremely valid IMO. We dont even know if our symptoms are DHT related.

I dont mean to be hostile at you, I just wish for the sake of all of us you would not be so heavy handed and quick to dismiss things that are relevant to all of us. I feel I have to say somthing to protect my chance of recovering and I take this very seriously.

Mew, i hear you, if i were you, i would have said the same stuff
btw, the forum you linked me too dosent seem helpfull at all! everybody is running and praising the drug…
I dident mean to cause this friction between you guys
I was really about getting extra informaion and maybe introducing a problem simmiliar to yours, just from another world of drugs.
The day I realaized i had a problem(two months ago) was a life changer for me. I have only you guys to thank.
what the hell can we do though? did any of you thought of going to court?

AWOR- could you fill me in on your findings? you said that it made a 100 percent match in your head., but i dident get what diffrence did it make or what benifit it is to link fin to Roaccutane ?
thanks guys for a warm welcome.
i will post my story soon .

Goldenw, you should also contact these folks:

I have a contact there called “Oli Girl”. She is very helpful.

You’ll also want to look here: … s-f46.html

My thoughts about the link between Accutane, finasteride, saw palmetto and dutasteride are explained here: … thread=184

My collection of symptoms I have found for Accutane are here:

I will continuously update this one.

awor, do you have any theories on why some people who take SSRIs are left with identical permanent side effects as finasteride victims? The condition is Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD)

If we can figure out what SSRIs, finasteride, and Accutane all have in common, maybe we solve this condition

PSSD is only remotely related to our problem. It seems that the SSRI folks managed to screw up their serotonin systems as follows:

This recent paper stipulates that a whole range of medications can cause persistent side effects: … ee88858cc6

Look at the table of contents of this paper:

PSSD is mainly talking about sexual side effects. I even registered in the SSRISex Yahoo newsgroup. Compared to our forum it’s a total mess and very hard to get an overview of (MEW: THANKS FOR THIS NICE, NEAT FORUM!) Our problem is much more closely related, and probably even identical to Accutane (isotretinoin). It is interesting to note that isotretinoin, contrary to finasteride, is at least on the map! We need to get there too. Maybe Accutane can help us get there!

The only reason i signed up and felt comfetabe to speak up is for the neat and organized place, and of course the helpfull people, it says alot , and seeing that besides the 1400+ registerd users, the are many unsinged visitors around, that are waiting for the courage and the right time to speak up! I mereky “stalked” this forum a couple of months , just breaking up in tears one night to write up my feelings.
awor- i just signed up in that forum you wrote down, dident see any ed connected problems out there though…
thanks anyways for the work you put out giving away the links
im out to my skin doctor wednesday to talk about the hairloss situation, i hope she has a clue in all the acutane related problems, cause i really want to talk to some doctor about my situation. from reading your guys thought out on fin and the way doctors are treating you, i really dont feel like it.
it really seems like it is our own war… against the world, and the corruption around the whole medicine industry. damn

That is very well put. At times, it does indeed seem hopeless. But we didn’t start this war. We were forced into it, without even knowing. Sooner or later, our voices will be heard. We’re not going to surrender without putting up a deadly fight. I am hoping that the Accutane folks will eventually join us. Numbers will make us stronger. I even have the impression that we’re growing faster than the Yahoo PSSD group.

This group that initially started in 2003 and with Mew’s strength 2006 has grown from 5 individuals to over 1500 registered users on this board.

We are a strong bunch of folks, this fight is far from over though. Merck’s day will come, that how karma works.

accutane affected me 4 years ago. Was impotent for 2 weeks and then came back while even on teh drug. I shouldve known I was palying with fire… I went on acctuane and propecia 2 months ago

I am now in the same boat as everyone else here.

Interesting story I read elsewhere.