Beard growth


Amongst my many symptoms is a patchy beard - holes where whiskers used to be. It’s stopped me growing a beard which I used to love. Have to shave every day now so it doesn’t look obvious. The speed of growth is the same, just less of it.

The hair around the sides and back of my head too has really diffuse thinned out too.

I know compared too other sides it should be the least of my worries but it’s so annoying.


I have the same problem. It grows, but not as thick and fast as before. I think it’s improved slightly, more even etc. but definitely not as strong as before, epecially nearer the extremeties like the end of the chin. It used to get longer here than anywhere else, now it’s shorter. I also find that it grows for about 4 days but then stops growing, like the body has run out of steam to push any more out.

I wonder if any of those who reported a recovery experienced the same thing and then it got better over time.


mine has returned to its normal rate


Since I got PFS at age 20, I didnt have a full beard, so my growth and development of facial hair as slowed quite a bit… I have all my facial hair but my cheek hairs are all blonde and “vellus hairs”.


I’m in a similar boat. I got FIN right before I turned 18, so my beard was developing quite fast but during the time I took the drug (2.5 years) it halted its maturing so it remains “incomplete”. It really sucks because my relatives all can grow alpha beards and I’m a facial hair enthusiast, always wanted to try different styles.

I just don’t know what should I (we) do. Simply wait for the body to recover or immerse into some kind of hormone therapy?


do you have any recovery with your beard?


My beard is better than it was a some months ago but still not as thick as it was and it grows slower on the sides still.


I had the same issue, I think that stress contribute to it, my brother never took Finasteride, no just that my brother don’t never any kind of drug, it hard to convince to take an aspirin and have the same issue.
Even though I beard it go back to normal again.
The only thing that I have is hairless patchy in the lateral leg calf.