BBC article: aged skin can significantly impact long term health

Thanks Merck


I’m not shocked, the skin is your barrier to the outside world after all. Good read though, thanks for posting.

People’s teeth and their health is heavily connected as well (and PFS seems to fuck the teeth to some degree).

But I’d take the article with some grain of salt, they recommend petrolatum to moisturize which we know contains hydrocarbons that are cancerogenic.

And plant oils contain antiandrogens.

There’s been studies showing working in the sun makes you less suseptible to all kinds of cancers except skin so.

Fucked if you do, fucked if you don’t, lol.


One of the things you hear from deniers and used as “evidence” by dismissive “doctors”… ‘how can fin cause SO many different problems, these people blame EVERYTHING on fin’. You break one thing that regulates skin health and that opens you up to all kinds of deficiencies. It’s hard to remember if that seemed so obvious before PFS.