Ball aches, help

who’s still experiencing slight to severe ball aches and has stopped using fin for more than 4months?

im seriously wondering when will this stop!

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Hi Casual,

Mine stopped after 7-9 months.

I did not do anything special to release the pain.

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I still have it years on. It seems to come on when I eat 5ar Inhibitor foods which is only occasional


brother, did you notice any improvement in your erections after the ache stayed away?

damnit Lazarus, I reallt hope this symptom goes away. Mine starts flaring up when I masturbate, I feel like it is related to my weaker erections.

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@Casual I can’t masturbate anymore but when I could it did ache afterwards for a day or two. For most this symptom cones and goes so I wouldn’t let it overly worry you. Thinking about it can make the pain worse.

I have quite weak libido. But visual arousal was restored more or less and no problem with manual stimuli.

are your erections the same as pre fin?
is it easy to maintain the erection, or do you have to stimulate continously?

thanks brother,

im just worried because i think the ache is related to the weak erections and difficulty to maintain one (if not stimulated). dont want to be embarrased when im with a girl and cant perform.

i used to be a savage :pensive:

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I think it’s fine to have good sex.

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was it related to the ache you had? how long did it take you to come to that level where it seems fine enough…

sorry for askin many questions

I don’t know if it was related. 7-9 months to recover from testicular pain. That’s all I have sorry.

thanks bro,

dont know if its just luck, but today masturbating felt good for once. Erection felt firm and thicker about 90% like pre fin.

for me the most important thing is to be able to perform in any situation. At this moment im still not sure enough that my jimmy is not going to leave me embarassed