Baclofen - who's tried it?


Anyone else apart from iwontgiveup?

it’s on the same sort of vibe as GHB, it’s readily available and it’s very safe so i might buy some to see if it helps my sleep. Plus, maybe there is the added bonus it could be of benefit to PFS symptoms?


tried it. have it my medicine cabinet… nothin except maybe some drowsiness for bedtime


Hi Bluecloud, this med appears to enhance GABA production. Might be worth trialing for a couple of months to see if it works to relax muscles, see how that affects your symptoms… just a thought


Just got a script for 10mg. I’m going to do a little bit of reading before trying this for middle insomnia.


Keep us informed how will it work on your emotions, please.


I took it for awhile. It helped me to stay asleep cause I have terrible sleeplessness but I remained an emotionless zombie.

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I’m considering to try this, but i’m afraid it will blunt my emotions even further.


I tried 10 mg because I read that it could stimulate neurosteroid production like GHB, but turns out that’s at something like 3x the dosage of that. I didn’t sleep better on 10 mg and felt significantly depressed breathing. It can make learned helplessness worse thus worsen depression. I don’t recommend it based on my experience and the respiratory depressant side.


I’m trialing it now on 2x25mg dosage.


Please be careful. Read about baclofen withdrawal syndrome. You may get things even worse.


I got desperate and tried baclofen again at 30mg and had a bad experience. Twice when I tried going to sleep, I awoke up only after around 20 minutes. The second time I woke up with bad anxiety briefly, a hollow feeling in the chest and a sense of impending doom, which came back for a few seconds the following night. I haven’t felt anything like that in over two months when I crashed a second time. If baclofen can raise neurosteroids, it felt like I experienced a rebound effect of lowered neurosteroids.


@Shellnyce what are your thoughts on baclofen?


I dont know too much about baclofen. I know Gabapentin, Pregabalin and Baclofen are all similiar. I have read that Pregabalin is better than Gabapentin because its effects last longer. I think Gabapentin only lasts for 4-5 hours. I would to some reading and maybe consider trying Pregabalin. I know that Gabapentin stimulates GAD to create GABA which would be great. Not sure Bacolfen does the same. I think any of these are safe to cycle. I wouldnt plan to take it every day. I’m pretty sure there are doccumented cases of withdrawal from any of these… even though your not supposed to have withdrawl according to the drug facts.

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