Back on finastride for deep sleep


It has been almost four months since I quite finastride anxiety and depression improve significantly but i dream too much when i was taking finastride i was sleeping deeply but after discontinue i only dream


If you start taking Fin again you might end up from dreaming too much to not being able to sleep at all, plus the other extras you might get, I won’t mention them now as you should be aware of them I suppose…


Why would you go back on the drug? Do you already have full blown side effects? That does not seem like a good idea


If you want to try fin again for deep sleep, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. Unless you have a death wish, it’s like the worst thing you can do for your sleep. You may permanently destroy your sleep among other unfathomably nightmarish things to happen. You’ll improve greatly over time on your own, just be patient. Try to eat foods with higher butyrate content as it improves SWS

You should be meditating daily. I myself am trying to meditate for more than an hour a day. Slowly increasing it to two hours. Here’s where I get hypocritical, or maybe for the whole post, but try to get more sun light, exercise regularly, and socialize.

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Please don’t ever take it again, or anything like it. If you’re improving significantly just ride it out I reckon, see how long it takes to just get better.

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I took fin on and off for 20 yrs without recognising it was the cause of all of my symptoms which were gradual as in one by one over time. If I realised what it was I would have stopped immediately ending up with one or two sides. As a consequence I now have everything which has destroyed me. So please don’t take fin ever again. Listen to the advice from the guys “time”


Have you not read any posts on this forum? Sleep usually comes back for most people after like 9 months.

You can’t tough it out?

Maybe there needs to a timeline page on this website for things you can expect to happen up to a year after quitting.


Great suggestion


Cannot try gabapentin ssri snri then what should I do to ease my sleep


I vape CBD before sleeping, it works pretty good and hasn’t any effects on my PSSD. A warm bath also seems to help me.


I’ve been wanting to try CBD for a long time. Have you noticed other benefits besides being a sleeping aid?

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I’m also feeling more chill and calm on CBD :slight_smile:


I’ve been considering trying it too


Do people not learn by their first bad experience?

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CBD oil caused a crash after an initial uplift, all of us react differently though good luck


My sleep has been shit since I stopped the drug in 2014. I also resumed taking finasteride for another year in 2017 and can say it does not help restore sleep quality