Azole antifungals

I was prescribed Fluconazole by my doctor. I know about the DHT blocking effects of Ketoconazole, but is Fluconazole just as bad? I think I might need to take this, albeit reluctantly. Has anyone ever used Fluconazole and did you experience side effects, or were you fine? The research I read says that it inhibits two CYP enzymes, whereas Ketoconazole was found to be more potent.

I’d avoid all azoles. For me only safe antifungal is nystatin, others are mostly 5ari.

I got penile pain and permanent shrinkage after using ketoconazole shampoo years ago, at my 5th year of PFS. I recommend you avoid using them unless absolutely necessary.

I need regular antifungals for seborrheic dermatitis (which got worse while and after quitting finasteride…). I’ve been avoiding all azoles and using terbinafine instead, for a few months now, with no adverse reactions. I’ve tried getting my hands on nystatin, but cannot find a cream in the UK.

Fluconazole is a very weak antiandrogen compared to the other azoles, but as we all know PFS patients can be very sensitive.

Terbinafine you took oral or via cream?