AVFIN & Sylviane Millon Matheu's great fight, the Merck Organon Complex takes propecia from the french market! Vive la france 🇨🇵 🇨🇵 🇨🇵

Today the mail reached me. The long fight of Sylviane Millon-Mathieu’s and the french L’association AVFIN (Aide aux Victimes du Finastéride) and all potential victims whose lives are spared have achieves a great victory!

After a black box warning :warning: now shows the victims the consequences, the misanthropes have taken their dangerous last resort cancer drug marketed as propecia for hairloss off the french market. Because now they can no longer deceive people.

That should be a charmante advice for all, that resistance works, as goal oriented research works and we shouldn’t hide and … anymore, we all should start up and fight.


Merci beaucoup !


How we can do that in the rest of the countries? I’ll try to read on how they did it in France and think how to repeat this success. Btw do you know whether generics are still available in France?

Btw. If go go about taking this drug down the best place to start would be europe


There are hearings / monitorings at the FDA in the US and with the MHRA @LazarusRy knows. According to my knowledge the FDA is a pharma paid agency, pharma pays for the approval of their drugs. Like a drug lord in Columbia or a Mexican cartel for protection, or am I wrong? This form of consumer protection seems to me to be in urgent need of reform.

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Ti have been informed that the MHRA review will be out at the end of June


Oui les génériques sont toujours présents en France mais moins nombreux.

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The generics distributors are just as unscrupulous as the pharma cartels. They take over the fraudulent deceptions in the package inserts and sell on preparations that even the drug cartels no longer want to get their hands dirty with. I hope the fight went now to the generics prepetators.


Do generics have the black box warning too?

Edit. OK seems like the actually red warning is on all generics. Now it is time for the rest of Europe and world.
Now the question why red warning and not taking it off tha market? During the pandemic the probability of death from the virus made the government go to extends to protect people, so the probability of catching virus is as low as possible. They didn’t warn people about virus and did nothing else. The government was actively working to protect people from themselves and now it should do the same and put this chapter of needless hairloss lobotomy behind.

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Oui les génériques ont tous l’avertissement. Nous pensons que d’autres pays vont suivre, les choses se passent généralement ainsi.
Le retrait du marché n’est pas envisagé pour l’instant pour de multiples raisons : la faible mobilisation des patients, une faible prise en compte des études dites “indépendantes”, l’essor des prescriptions en ligne, l’arrivée de produits de remplacement n’ayant pas encore fait toutes leurs preuves et vraissemblablement toutes les raisons propres au fonctionnement de cette industrie…

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I think this is a very big deal. Roche took accutane off the market in the US for similar reasons. Although I think generics are still sold as isoretinoin, the public perception is that the drug is dangerous for what it is used for and I think usage is down significantly in the US.

Other regulatory agencies may take note and see Organon’s reaction as a lack of confidence in its own drug and act accordingly.


This will begin to make things right.