AUSTRALIAN PFS patients: ABC journalist Marty Smiley looking to speak with you

I had a call with ABC journalist Marty Smiley this morning who is interested in covering PFS. To successfully pitch the story, it needs to have local case studies to ensure it’s relevant for an Australian audience.

Having such a reputable media outlet cover this issue could lead to some incredible outcomes for patients like increased regulatory scrutiny, more interest from researchers and further clinical recognition & acceptance.

With so much momentum moving this issue forward, we really need to press our advantage in the next 12-24 months. One way to do that is by capitalising on this opportunity.

If you are an Australian experiencing PFS and are willing to speak on camera about your experience, please send me a private message or reply here.


@All Australian,Seize this opportunity!!!


ABC is the Australian national broadcaster. Huge opportunity for increasing the credibility of PFS patients and informing the medical community. Hats off to @Sugarhouse (again!) for building the charity that paved the way for this.


Opportunities like this don’t come around everyday guys. We really need to capitalize on this. I really hope we can get some courageous volunteers for this.


Don’t let this opportunity fall by the wayside 1nce more like it did 2 years ago when Mitch asked for Australians to step up. Sufferers should be fighting over each other to speak up. I can put on a good accent but doubt it’s convincing enough


Will the conversation you had with him be uploaded to Youtube like the other Network videos?

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If you’re an Australian patient reading this I implore you to consider the following:

Is it worth more to you to avoid the unwarranted feeling of shame or to have the chance to get back your normal existence? You really must ask yourself what is more important. As far as I know there has never been a proper exposé of our condition. This would significantly move our issue into the mainstream and bring forward the day we are out of this mess.


No it won’t - it was just providing him background on the story. I didn’t interview him.

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There is no shame. Nothing to be ashamed of. We did nothing wrong. We’re not the ones who should feel ashamed.


I couldn’t agree more. No one in this community should feel such things.


We know it’s a lot to ask to do something so public, but we need you right now Aussies :kangaroo::new_zealand:


Come on step up. Hiding in the cupboard of propecia help is thing to be ashamed of.


Bumping this.

Australian patients, please come forward. This is a huge opportunity.

You won’t be alone - I’ll be telling my story also - and your contribution will have an enormous impact on progressing this disease out of the dark ages.


The sooner the better!

Sadly, it’s probably too abstract for other post-drug patients to speak. It’s a hard enough story to grasp just from finasteride.

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Cone on Aussies what are u thinking of!!! This is about a horrible drug and saving lives. The difference between someone seeing the article or not could be down to you. Make a difference and stand tall do the right thing

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If you do this you will look back at yourself with pride one day for having significantly contributed to winning back your freedom from this disease. We need recognition. This disease is very likely curable but we each have to take appropriate action to get there.

Please consider what is most important to you.

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One other patient has now come forward. If we can get another 2-3 we’re in a good position for Marty to pitch the story.


Another patient has volunteered! One more and we’ve got a good pitch.


This is great!! I have also contacted News media before like CNN FOXnews etc, but they never answered. Thanks for the efforts :muscle:.