Aspirin (for post orgasm depression)

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed a short improvement in symptoms from high doses of Aspirin.

Some literature I found suggested that it mildly inhibited the AR, and based on the experience of another forum member who said it helped him avoid a crash from orgasm, I decided to try it as well. In the instances I used it, it definitely seemed to help mitigate the usual depression, brain fog, anxiety that followed, as well as improved libido and sensitivity.

However I stopped using it as I developed tinnitus (possibly through other circumstances but I’d like to eliminate variables).

If anyone else has used Aspirin for this purpose or happens to be taking it, I’d appreciate if you detailed your experiences in this thread.

Do you guys think this could lead to a rebound similar to those caused by other AR inhibiting substances such as Silymarin and Genistein? If so, any ideas on how to prevent that?

Yes, I do believe this. A study by Kashiwagi et al. reported that aspirin decreases Androgen Receptor (AR) mRNA and protein levels in dose-and time-dependent manners (Kashiwagi et al., 2013). I have found that if I take aspirin for a prolonged period, say a few days, I have an increase in depression, brain fog, and also pain. It can then take up to 2 or 3 weeks to get back to my baseline.

This does not mean that everyone will react the same way. For me, milk thistle, which also downregulates AR, was an absolute catastrophe - from which I still have not recovered to this day.

My advice in general to more serious PFS cases would be, stay away from anything that messes around with the AR pathway.

Interesting Awor. I’d like to chime in and add that it’s best to avoid AR inhibiting substances regardless of the severity of your PFS. It’s at best temporary relief, but more often than not causes permanent problems.

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Post-orgasm emotional liability is common and normal even in teenagers but Fin and PFS magnifies the mood swings and increases the refractory period. What is Merck’s explanation for why Fin “temporarily” reduces semen volume? Because surely it’s tied to depression and apathy.

Curiously I noticed the same. I had an increase in depression and thought it might be a coincidence or related to something else since it’s been a little over a week since my last Aspirin dose, however yesterday I also began to experience a severe pain that I haven’t experienced for a while. Thankfully the pain’s gone but the depression has been intensifying to an alarming degree, holding out and am confident I will return to baseline in the next couple days.

Depression also increased from aspirin in my case. It took about 2 weeks to return to baseline. Also had pain increase from aspirin. Aspirin is really only in case of emergency, and not even then I am sure it is effective.

aspirin is antiestrogenic i think, there were discussions about its use on raypeat forum

Well wtf am I supposed to take for headaches then