Aspirin For Neurological Symptoms

Hey everyone. I’ve heard that aspirin has neuroprotectuve effects and can help prevent dopamine depletion and lessen brain inflammation. Has anyone ever tried this in managing anhedonia?

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It has helped my ED suprisingly

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How strange. How did you make the connection?


Nothing strange about that, aspirin increases tyrosine hydroxylase and therefore raises dopamine.

How long did you take it for and at what dose? Did those benefits stick?

Aspirins active ingredient is acetylsalicyclic.

White willow contains salicin, which is converted into salicylic acid upon interaction with stomach acid, the likes of which is an acetyl group away from being identical to aspirin chemically.

Wintergreen contains methyl-salicylate, which is salicyclic acid bound to methanol, a methyl group instead of an acetly group.

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