Ashwagandha my experience

I’ve been taking this pill for 7 days, 1 pill in the morning and 1 evening.

It really calms and relieves the tension - I would even say all the stress-related stuff.

But she killed my libido and increased my erectile dysfunction.

I also began to feel strangely tired during the day.

My conclusion: I stop taking it.

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Same thing happened to me man, I took it and I got super angry, when I got up in the morning all I wanted to do was punch my mirror or beat someone up. I was super angry all day and my dick was even more flaccid and sex drive was reduced even further.

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I’m taking something called adrenomend at the suggestion of my doctor and while I’m having some of the same symptoms as OP it has helped me sleep better and have more energy and way less anxiety throughout the day it’s like night and day difference. It contains more than just ashwaganda though

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Yah there is a route that it can be a 5ari. However, I like to take it at night once a week or so. I dont like taking it daily though.

If I’m having adrenal issues would hydrocortisone be safer than taking this stuff?

yes or rhodoila