As a virgin can I understand if I recovered %100 or not?

I am healing. I started to have morning woods again. But I wonder in future can I understand if I recovered %100 or not? I mean I am a virgin I don’t know what it is like to have sex I never had sex before. Can I know if I recovered %100 with masturbation experience?

Yes if masturbation feels the same as before taking finasteride then you are good.

It shouldn’t make any difference whether you’re a virgin or not mate …just simply if it’s a solid boner then great . If not give it some time for now .What’s the other side affects youre experiencing apart from erection difficulty ?

If you get morning erections consistently then I think you should be good. I haven’t had that in over a decade.

Please seriously consider the fact that you may benefit from getting some help to get your life back on track. It’s not healthy at all if you were considering taking your own life over just the possibility of PFS.

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