Are you guys having sex with your girlfriends or wives?


For those of you in serious relationships on this forum, I need some help in understanding how you are coping with these side effects with your partner. Are you still having sex on a regular basis or are things totally on hold? Personally, I have kept my girlfriend through the last year during these side effects, however we have zero sex life. I just have no libido and significant ED when we try anything. I’ve tried Viagra and that didn’t help!

This is causing us significant emotional pain.

If you’re not having sex, are you just pleasuring her? Do you feel you have a normal relationship while experiencing serious side effects? Obviously I’m struggling with how to carry on a serious relationship with someone I care for when I feel nothing from my sexual organs.


I do have a girlfriend and the frequency of sex is not the same but am trying to make due. It is not easy by any stretch but if she is understanding it helps.


Yes. I do have ED problems and 60 % of the time I get a good hard on and it deflates within a minute or two. We hang out or I go down on her for a while and then it comes back in 20-30 min albiet not as strong. 10% of time it doesn’t work. The other 30% of the time things go ok, although it’s not what it used to be and totally unpredictable. I mean sometimes I can go 30 min with no feeling and others I come in 20 seconds…

Positions are limited and I am lucky that she comes very quickly, less than 5 min. So I make sure she gets off. I like going down on her (although she only likes it sometimes) and I think this reduces ED problems, because you are sensing the femininity and lust to mate at a primal level.

One thing I found is that being on the bottom helps immensely. If you are not working out, doing squats, kegels, etc start. When you are lying on your back and do get a hard on it is much easier to flex the muscles to keep it than when you are on top. Then she can at least get on top and do what she needs to come.

Also, I find that not coming helps greatly, it’s kind of unsatisfying but I like knowing that she’s getting off. It spurs me on.

Try taking L-Arginine too. This has helped me in terms of both size and libido. do a search for some of my posts on it. I also just ordered some horny goat weed to try, Natures Way brand. Mew has had good experiences with this.

But overall I would suggest, if she lets you, go down on her. Spend some time, tell her how much you like it, how much you’ve missed it, that you love her, etc. See if getting her off helps you out too. And try these supps. But be careful taking them together…


Thanks so much for the info martinM, good to hear others are in a similar situation to me.


im married and recall it was very hard to be emotionally tied to her (or anything) with all the things going on in ur mind and depressing feeling that comes along with it.

the toughest thing is to try to be there mentally even if ur able to get an erection for the time being. i recall ‘doing’ it wasnt really that great cuz i wasn’t in it or was frustrated that it took much effort to do it and i wasn’t even enjoying it…more mechanical than emotional…was doing it so i can prove to myself that i can still do it.

anyway it’s tough. hopefully ur gf/spouse/partner understands and if necesary gets counseling on how to work thru it.

good luck


unfortunately for me sex is the part of my past. I used to have very good sex. My wife is very understandable and we are now living togather for our childeren. I am getting other health problems as a result of saw palmetto so no more sex.