Are you able to work? What do you do?


Guys, are you able to work? How does work stress affect you? What do you do for a living?


Great question. I’ve been out of work since this whole thing started. I’m not sure exactly what I could handle. I feel slightly stronger mentally than before but the fatigue is still very present (i mean, all of it is, really). And I’m just very unsure of what I could handle.


Yeah, it is tough. I ve been able to have part time jobs here and there, but most of the time out of work. Now i am running out of money.


I have struggled with PFS and found it very difficult, but I have been able to keep a really good job, and should be getting a promotion soon. I’m head of communications for a large organisation and work has been a great relief from other PFS concerns and stress. We had a very busy time last year and I was amazed that I could actually do my job as well as ever.

So I don’t think that PFS makes having a decent career impossible at all - there is also another sufferer who reported that he qualified as a doctor not so long ago.

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Good for you Davey.
Each one is affected by propecia in different ways. It also depends on which career one has.
I find it very difficult to have the same results at work as before. I dont have the same drive, ambition, energy, etc. I have a very hard time dealing with stress now. My sleep pattern is better now but for years i spent the night awake without any idea what time i would fall asleep. If i was working i would have not to slept for most nights.
Now the biggest problem for me is my stomach. I have acid reflux disease after propecia and it has evolved to gastritis. I am having a hard time healing it. Stress does not help also.

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God help me. I’m so afraid for my future. I had to leave work early today bc my energy was drained. I fear If I ever filed for disability I wouldn’t have proof. The only proof is a shrunken genitals. But my body cannot take physical labor. I am a 24 year-old man, who looks healthy. But physically I feel 60 yrs old. I’m scared as hell. has anyone found a suitable job for fatigue?

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I am a high school chemistry and physics teacher. I am still able to do my job - in fact, I think my job has probably saved my life. If not for the purpose I find in working with young people, I probably would have killed myself when things were at there worst. Clomid and Remeron have got me through the worst mental side effects, and I find my teaching hasn’t been affected too much. Its the only part of my life that is still mostly normal…until a cure is found that will have to do.

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Same it is difficult to try and explain why to friends and family as well as (it’s not the best attitude to have but I can’t help but think what’s the point if you can’t really have a normal life) for as long as this goes on anyway


Yes, its one of the most normal parts of my life. Im extremely surprised at my abilities at work and i almost never think of pfs while im busy at work. We are aorking 60 hrs high stress rapid environment. I can honestly say of all the horrors this drug has brought, my work life is better than ever. Its given me part of my identity back and self esteem. To see i can still excel in something i enjoy, and be useful to my company. I do atrribute my abilities largely to the medication im taking. Without it, work becomes very diffucult.


Good to see that you are turning things around. How did you improve so much from your really hard days?


I believe its the meds im on for sleep and depression. Only what works for me, not suggesting medication.


Hope there’s still someone here who can answer after all this time. I had both a job and a degree to take and i lost everything. I have a so high stress level that i can’t handle anything.


To all of you guys who experience fatigue from the crash, when did it start for you? Exactly after the initial crash or is it developed later maybe even years after? I didn’t got any fatigue, its my 4th year and i starting to get tired more easily now… is it possible to experience new slight health impairments?