Are there any lawsuits or projects that regular people can be a part of?

Hello this is to the founders and people in control of this upcoming projects. I just wanted to know if there are anymore lawsuit to the evil organization mereck that’s coming up? Or any projects any of us regular people here could be apart of. Even like donated our body to what ever projects yall have coming up?

Whenever volunteer patients are needed for PFS research this community will be notified through various means like an update topic from staff and also via the newsletter, so definitely keep an eye on the newsletter if you ever want to volunteer for something like that when the opportunity arises. I don’t think we necessarily keep a long-term list of volunteer patients where you can put your name on or anything like that.

Generally speaking, you can keep up to date with any activities and developments by subscribing to the PFSN newsletter and attending the live online webinars that are occasionally hosted. That will give you the best picture of what the current goals and challenges are and what is being focusing on by staff.

In terms of legal action, I’m not aware of anything significant happening right now.
There has been some legal action towards Merck in the past but this has been very mildly effective.

The main purpose of PFSN right now is getting to the bottom of the medical issue itself. Once research can really point to a clear proof of cause and effect in terms of certain drugs and these persistent symptoms, it might more realistically open up avenues of legal action for patients or organizations that want to do that, but it’s probably too soon to talk about that kind of thing with how things currently stand.


No, the time of justice is long gone. Only coping and sadness lies ahead.

I hope you change your mindset, brother. There’s a lot going on and a lot of hope to be had with getting out of this. Join the fight!

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