Appearance of veins

Hey guys,
Hope you are well, and glad to have found this website - seems like there are very few useful resources available for PFS sufferers.
I used topical finasteride for three days or so, noticed and immediate loss of sensation downstairs alongside my penis feeling lighter than usual. On day three, noticed the appearance of some darker spider veins on my penis, that I’m sure weren’t there before.
Have to say things seems to be returning to normal i.e. morning wood, no loss in size of penis, balls feel smaller though and these veins are what really concern me.
I’ve read many similar posts about these symptoms, but I’m wondering if any of you can say these veins disappeared over time? And are they an indicator of the severity of damage done? I’ve still managed to get it up and ejaculate also seems to be returning to normal but any advice or guidance would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

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Also goes without saying I’ve stopped using fin, and this is an awful drug.

I noticed the same thing and it’s still there 7 weeks after my last pill. I am not a doctor but perhaps we see them more because of skin thinning? Same thing with the veins on my hands, I don’t think they got bigger, just more visible.

I know it must be unsettling, but if it’s your main sexual symptom, just tell yourself you dodged a bazooka bullet hahah. How’s the rest?

For sure! Yeah, trying to stay optimistic. Can’t say I’ve had any of the brain fog or neurological symptoms described by some, feels like maybe things are getting back to normal downstairs but just watching and waiting.

Yeah I thought it must be something to with the thinning of the skin or changes in blood flow.

How’s your symptoms and how are you feeling generally 7 weeks later?

I was going to go with changes in skin thickness or thinning as well.

First month was hell, huge brainfog, derealization, depression, suicidal thoughts, and all the sexual sides.

Mental sides went away in 4 weeks. Sexual sides went away last week: I have hard erections, okay libido, no testicule pain, no saggy scrotum and at least 75% erection everyday as morning wood.

Remaining symptoms are decreased sensation in penis (much I can live with it), slight left curve when penis is half erected, and veins on penis and hands are more noticeable. Skin on my face is dry but it could be the winter (live in cold weather).

I have been so low that I can gladly live with these symptoms. I also last week started doing the brocoli treatment every other day. I don’t know if I can attribute my improvements to time or brocoli, and I don’t want to give advice, but I still want to say it in case it could help someone.

I hope my improvements last, but either way it showed me this is not permanent. I stopped the brocoli 2 days ago to see if the improvements remain.

Hope youre doing good man

Any update on this