Appeal to severe PFS patients try our best to support research

I don’t want to say useless bullshit, but PFS patients do have a lot of mild diseases (some men accept the fact of their impotence​:scissors: :chicken: or some people have obviously improved​:sweat_smile: ), and some seriously ill patients are stubborn​:ghost: . We can’t take a penny out of these people’s pockets. I’m sorry for my Fellow citizens and The government :cn: . There is only one doctor in China who takes PFS seriously.:fu:Chinese patients contribution is almost zero :egg: . I can’t even persuade them to donate one euro, so this is just the struggle of a small number of people who don’t want to wait to die and don’t believe in shit like diet, exercise and cduts. I hope these people who are able to contribute but don’t do anything will spend the rest of their lives in PFS and cry every day, I have no mercy on them. Friends who still hope to fight, please stand up! I personally promise that in the case of extremely poor health, I will use my broken intelligence and body to contribute 1500 euros at least(I have donated 500 euros) to solve this disaster. Give me liberty or give me death :fr: